Kerala man targeted by vigilantes on Valentine’s Day hangs himself

A young man from Kerala was harassed by vigilantes on social media when they put up a video that targeted  the couple asking obscene and humiliating questions, on Valentine’s Day.

मोरल पुलिसिंग
Image courtesy: NDTV

The man with his girl friend was in his twenties, they were at a beach near Kollam on February 14, when the woman had to go to an isolated area to relieve herself as the gang tried to assault her.The man was attacked too when he tried to rescue her.


The young man from Kerala has been found hanging outside his home in Kerala’s Palakkad district on Thursday, said NDTV.

The video shot on the beach was already posted on the social media sites. Beacause of the incident, the man was upset and stayed aloof for some days, according to the report.

A suicide note has been found in which he blames the vigilantes for his death.


After the couple complained to the police, the men were arrested.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had warned miscreants against such incidents and had told the police to take action against such people.

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