Kerala’s ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign is back, thanks to Shiv Sena’s antics

Not just 'Kiss of Love', but other protests too are being organised in city.

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Members of Shiv Sena going berserk in the garb of moral police and literally chasing away couples from Kochi’s Marine Drive on Wednesday evening, has sparked much outrage in the state. The incident that has by now received flak from various quarters, has also paved way for the return of Kiss of Love campaign.

Supporters of the KoL campaign have decided to organize a protest event at Marine Drive at 4pm on Thursday.

The Facebook page of the Kiss of Love Campaign condemned the police for being mute spectators to the incident. The post, with a photo of the moral policing act on Wednesday, asks the police to take off their police hats and to start serving the Shiv Sena.

On Wednesday, a march conducted by the Shiv Sena members to Marine Drive turned violent as the members began to chase away couples, with canes in their hand. All this, while the police did little to prevent Shiv Sena members from taking law into their hands. 

Kiss of Love campaign had been dormant for a while after two of its main faces Rahul Pasupalan and Reshmi were arrested for charges of trafficking. However, the duo were released on bail, with the court noting that the case against them was weak.  

The return of Kiss of Love campaign is not the only reaction this incident has caused. DYFI members are organizing an event named 'Sneha irippu' or 'Love sitting' at Marine Drive where in women and men of the party will be seen sitting at Marine Drive. 

Police inaction
Pinarayi Vijayan and the police department too came under severe criticism for failing to act against the Shiv Sena members. The Chief Minister on Thursday, admitted that there were indeed lapses on the part of the police. 

His response came after Opposition parties took on the CM, for failing to ensure that his police force did heir job right. 

"The police was protecting the anti-socials indulging in moral policing," MLA Hibi Eden told Deccan Chronicle

"The inaction cannot be justified in any modern and civilised society. The government machinery has failed in preventing such shameful incident in a fast-growing metropolitan city such as Kochi," the MLA added. 

After allegations of police inaction surfaced, Kochi city police commissioner suspended Mr Vijayashankar, sub-inspector of Central Station, who was on duty. Other police personnel who were present, have reportedly been transferred to AR Camp. 

Courtesy: The News Minute



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