Kolhapur: Destruction of shrine at Panhala fort rebuffed with local Hindus and Muslims rebuilding the shrine within an hour

Mischief and destruction was wrought on the Hajrat Peer Shahduddin Khattalshah Wali Dargah located at the foot of the Panhalgad fort in Kolapur district by unknown persons reported Tarun Bharat; acts that were immediately set right were peace loving residents
Image: Tarun Bharat

The Hajrat Peer Shahduddin Khattalshah Wali Dargah shrine at the historical Panhalgad in Kolhapur district –also known as the Tanpir dargah–was found seriously damaged when it came to light in the early hours of May 24 morning. Agitated and upset at this attempt, a shutdown, bandh was called by residents of Panhalgad. Given this background, a large police force has been deployed at Panhalgad fort to diffuse the situation. This Tanpir dargah is hundreds of years old.

Locals from both the communities displayed cameraderie and unity. Hindu and Muslim brotherhood was seen at the place of occurrence. Given the seriousness and sensitivity of the incident, instant repairs were carried out by both the Hindu and Muslim community within an hour.  According to reports the shrine was destroyed by unknown mischievous elements.

The police appears to also have shown some initiative cautioning the public that due to the suspicious social media campaign deliberately being spread about the shrine and hence it would be open to visitors again once the situation calmed down. According to Tarum Bharat, the  Superintendent of Police Shailesh Balkawade has appealed not to believe any rumours.


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