Kolkata police file an FIR against fake news repeat offender Madhu Kishwar

Kishwar first issues issues apology, then back-peddles to say that though she mis-identified the location as Kolkata instead of Dhaka, the video itself wasn't fake

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Kolkata police have filed an FIR against Madhu Purnima Kishwar on November 9, 2020 for potentially threatening law and order sharing on Twitter a video of a rally in Bangladesh and claiming that it was an ‘Islmaic rally’ in Kolkata. 

According to police, the song played in the video clearly refers to Bangladesh. The recording also shows several Bangladeshi flags. However, Kishwar, while sharing the video captioned it as “In Kolkata.” The police called her actions “absolutely incorrect and misleading, posing a threat to the law and order here.” Accordingly, they flagged Kishwar’s tweet with a ‘FakeNewsAlert’ hashtag while the Information Technology (IT) unit started a probe into the matter. 


Kishwar initially apologised to officials on the social media platform.


But just hours later stated that the “issues being raised by the video are not fake.”  


A part of the song lyrics criticises India for allegedly “taking a stand against Islam.” This bit likely caught the attention of the right-wing ‘activist’ whose verified Twitter handle has over 20 lakh followers. 

Prior to the 1990s, fellow activists and academicians praised Kishwar for her work. However, they dissociated from her once she began embracing Hindutva ideology. Kishwar is also known for her admiration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi whom she compared with Mahatma Gandhi. She also wrote a book absolving him – a then prime-ministerial candidate – of any involvement in the 2002 Gujarat riots and called him a “non-communal politician” despite severely criticising him in earlier days.

On November 10, 2019, SabrangIndia had also flagged her for making inflammatory tweets a day after the Babri Masjid verdict was pronounced.

Her Twitter account has been flagged many times for propagating communal material and fake news on multiple occasions – a fact that Supreme Court lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan pointed out immediately on sharing the Kolkata Fake News Alert.




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