Kranti ka Naqsha, Mapping the Revolution

India's farmers have lived up to the revolutionary history of this country by once again uniting peasants in a single movement against an oppressive and fascist regime. From allegations of Khalistani intentions to political theories, to Maoist infiltration to the insult of being called the protest of a few; Annadaatas have persevered through it all. Now that a growing population in India is learning about the dangers posed by the three anti-farmer-dubbed laws, it is necessary to visually document the progress of the peasant struggle in the past few months.

farmers protest map

So in the spirit of speaking (or rather showing) truth to power, SabrangIndia presents to you – Kranti ka Naqsha!

Naqsha breaks down the movement’s activity into three essential phases of September protests (blue), November protests (red) and December protests (green) to portray the steady and upward growth of farmers’ unrest. 

Additionally, two separate categories of ‘Solidarity statements’ (star-marked) and ‘Bharat Bandh (December 8, 2020)’ (circled) provide a unique view as to how non-agricultural elements of Indian society have pitched in for the farmers’ struggle.  

Created by: Vallari Sanzgiri




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