Large Scale Ecological Destruction in Konkan Coasts, Samvidhan Samman Yatra reached Karnataka today

Bhatkal, Karnataka: The Samvidhan Samman Yatra travelled through the magnificent Konkan Coast and witnessed the large-scale ecological devastation in the name of so-called economic Development. It was clearly evident that how Madhav Gadgil has rightly alerted the Government long ago through his report on Western Ghats. The pristine beauty of western ghats is being destroyed by widening of roads and railway tracks that has caused felling of thousands of old trees and cutting of hills to make the ground of urbanization.

The forest cover of the districts along the western ghats like Karwar and Uttara Kannada have been significantly reduced yet the flawed model of development keeps destroying nature and communities living symbiotically in the region.

In the morning, Samvidhan Samman Yatra reached Bhatkal where organisations like Social Democratic Party of India, Welfare Party of India, JDS, Popular Front of India, Student Islamic Organisation and many others welcomed the Yatra on its 19th day. People joined the rally rejecting of anti-constitutional forces who are hell bent on subverting rights conferred to people of the country.

People in large number joined the public meeting organised after the rally in Bhatkal. Sister Celia from Domestic Workers Union and NAPM graced the meeting with her presence. “Samvidhan Samman Yatra is mobilizing voices from all over the country and rejecting anti-constitutional, anti-people, communal forces”, said Himshi Singh from NAPM. She also introduced the travelers with the people of Uttara Kannada who joined the public meeting.

Inayatullah from JDS welcomed everyone on behalf of all the participating organisations and emphasized on the need to get together and protect the western ghats when the country has started facing the consequences of ignoring the importance of nature and indigenous communities.
“Recently, the country is witnessing the garlanding of people accused of mob lynching and atrocities on dalits”, said Bhupendra Singh Rawat from Jan Sangharsh Vahini. He emphasized that the violence is being praised continuously by state machineries in various ways. Even institutions with constitutional powers are tried to be used for political benefits, be it CVC, CBI, Election Commission, or the Judiciary. Nothing remained democratic and aloof from corrupt and unbiased practices. Member of Parliaments are openly threatening the judiciary to refrain from interfering in executives functioning.

Ashish Ranjan from Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan, Bihar said Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Mahatma Gandhi, and many others fought tirelessly for the freedom struggle and the Idea of India. Baba Saheb Ambedkar shaped the Constitution of India after rigorous discussions and deliberations. The Preamble shows us the way to remain peaceful and prosperous. But now again right-wing extremists are posing threat to the cultural integrity and peace of the nation as they did before the independence of India.

Mohammad Toufeek from Socialist Democratic Party applauded the ongoing Yatra and urged people to spread the message to fight against the communal forces with all its strength. The demolition of Babri Masjid was a major blow to the secular fabric of the nation and we cannot let such forces to rise again in a country known for peace and harmony. It was a clear attack on our constitution violating the principles laid in our preamble, the soul of our Constitution.

“Travelling from North to South, People can easily witness the diversity in culture, traditions, language, food, etc. This is our real strength and beauty which unites us and makes us different from other democracy in the world”, said Richa Singh from Sangatin Mazdoor Kisan Sangathan, Uttar Pradesh.

Asad from Student Islamic Organisation extended the views of Richa Singh and said that now the aforesaid unity is under threat. Student Najeeb is still missing. Members of different groups affiliated to ruling party rallying in support of rapists, and killers. He also opined that the yatra is in a direction to restore the lost values which we as a nation and people had before. On behalf of people of Bhatkal, he expressed full support to the yatra and pledged to fight against communal divisive forces that are trying to polarize Bhatkal, Karnataka and the nation.
Renowned social activists like Prafulla Samantara, Lok Shakti Abhiyan, NAPM, Odisha; Gabriele Dietrich, NAPM, Tamilnadu; Amitava Mitra, NAPM, West Bengal; Arundhati Dhuru, NAPM, Uttar Pradesh; Ashish Ranjan – Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan (Bihar); Meera Sanghamitra – NAPM (Andhra Pradesh – Telangana); Bhupendra Singh Rawat – Jan Sangharsh Vahini; Krishnakant – Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti (Gujarat); Madhuresh Kumar – NAPM, Delhi; Suhas Kolhekar, Prasad Bagve – NAPM Maharashtra; Sanjay Nazre – Vidrohi Sanskritik Andolan; Yogiraj, Mahendra Rathore, Jayesh Lal – MNREGA Mazdoor Union, Purvanchal Kisan Union, Uttar Pradesh; Ram, Poonam Kanojiya, Subhadra tai, Parvati tai, Ghanekar kaka – Ghar Bachao Ghar banao Andolan, Mumbai; Tilola Haldar, Mrityunjay Haldar – Sundaravan Shramjivi Sangathan; Ramashish Yadav, Premshila Yadav, Manisha Patil; Kalai, Vishnu, Vinod – Organic farmers, Tamilnadu; Fauziya – Jammu & Kashmir Soochna Adhikar Abhiyan; Madhusudan – Odisha; Akshit – Guhaar; Aryaman Jain, Aryan – Delhi; Rimpy – Student, Dibrugarh University; Himshi, Uma – NAPM Delhi, are traveling in the second phase as a part of Samvidhan Samman Yatra.

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Samvidhan Samman Yatra
We are standing at crossroads and passing through a critical juncture in India’s history and have a historical responsibility to save and salvage the ethos of this country, to fulfill the dreams of social, economic and political justice that Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar envisioned. There is an overwhelming urgency to come together, beyond diversity of perspectives, to safeguard the constitutional values and principles of humanity, based on social justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, scientific and rational thinking in the social psyche to deal with all these political, economic, social, cultural challenges. The need of the hour is to create understanding and tolerance in society, by peaceful, democratic and constitutional means. It is equally vital to aim for economic equity, social parity, environmental protection, sustainable development, establishment of people’s rights over access of resources and annihilation of caste and patriarchy.

It is with this urgency and spirit that National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) has, after numerous discussions, planned to embark on a Samvidhan Samman Yatra – a nationwide tour to restore and protect the core values of our Constitution and democracy, at a time when there is an all-out attack on the Constitution, people’s rights, livelihoods, environment and the spirit of diversity in the country, even as massive scams, resource loot and dilution of laws are taking place and farmers, workers, students, employees, women, dalits, adivasis, muslims all are on the streets asserting their rights, spaces and freedoms.

Yatra shall travel more than 25000 Kms through 26 states in 65 days holding meetings, discussions, public events, supporting struggles, sharing grief of victims of the violence and hate and spreading message of plurality, love, peace and social justice. The Yatra shall culminate in a Manvadhikar Rally and Jan Sansad in Delhi on 10th December, 2018, the International Human Rights Day.



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