Lawyers send straws and sippers for Father Swamy to Taloja Jail

The group of 42 lawyers wrote to the Superintendent of Taloja Jail to look after other inmates as per Prison Manual as well


Since the NIA Special court has taken about a month to provide Parkinson’s inflicted Father Stan Swamy with a sipper and straw, a group of lawyers have sent straws and sippers to Taloja Jail, where he is currently lodged.

LiveLaw reported that the group wrote to the Superintendent of Taloja Jail stating, “We, the undersigned lawyers, feel that above all detention must be humane. To that effect we urge you to make arrangements for all inmates as per the jail manual who have special medical needs. For Father Stan Swamy, we urge you to facilitate his dignified drinking of water, we are sending this plastic Sipper and paper straws, which we believe are permissible as per the Jail Manual and cannot cause any harm.”

List of 42 Advocates who have signed the letter to Taloja jail for Stan Swamy are:

  • Nandita Rao
  • Malavika Rajkotia
  • Sharukh Alam
  • Iram Majid
  • Naomi Chandra
  • Tanima Kishore
  • Ruchi Singh
  • Anjali Sharma
  • Ritu Bhalla
  • Kajal Chandra
  • Ekta Kapil
  • Sunita Dutt
  • Santosh Paul, Senior Advocate
  • Ethashan Hashmi
  • Swaty Singh Malik
  • Shweta Kapoor
  • Aakanksha Nehra
  • Anand Grover, Senior Advocate
  • SaumyaTandon
  • Anubha Rastogi
  • Manali Singhal
  • Fozia Rahman
  • Mani Gupta
  • Niharika Behl
  • Aditi Gupta
  • WR Khan
  • M. Rashid
  • M. Noorullah
  • Mohan Katarki, Senior Advocate
  • Sabarish Gandhi
  • Anupam Sanghi
  • Tarannum Cheema
  • Nidhi Mohan Parashar
  • Kirti Singh
  • Firdaus Moosa
  • Kriti Kakkar
  • Sonam Anand
  • Abdul Nasir Khan
  • Kiran Kalra
  • Sangeeta Bharti
  • Suruchi Suri
  • Som Nath Bharti

On November 6, Father Stan Swamy filed an application seeking permission to allow him a straw and sipper in the Central Jail as he cannot hold a glass because he has Parkinson’s Disease.

Special NIA Judge D.E. Kothalikar, presiding over the case, directed the medical officer to reply to the requirement of a straw and sipper, along with winter clothes when the NIA refused to provide him with the sipper mug after taking 20 days to reply. The matter will now be heard on December 4.

Apart from lawyers, SabrangIndia reported on some other citizens who shared on social media, orders that they have placed for sippers for the Jesuit priest.


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