Left parties, Muslim community submit a memorandum to BJP government: Shevgaon, Ahmednagar

When Ahmednagar’s guardian Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil and MLA Monica Rajle visited Shevgaon last week, CPI's state secretary and Subhash Patil Lande submitted a memorandum to them and said that the riots in Shevgaon happened to serve political interests and the deliberate inaction by the local police

“Additional police force should have been deployed during the Sambhaji Maharaj procession. Due to the negligence of the police administration, the incident escalated. The administration is responsible for this. Shevgaon is a peaceful and tolerant village with no history of riots. The youth are being involved to serve political interests. In the case filed in this case, the persons who are not related to this riot have been implicated,” stated the memorandum. Sabrangindia has a copy of the memorandum that has also been widely reported in local print media including the Prabhat newspaper on May 18.

Senior lawyer activist Subhash Lande speaking to Sabrangindia said that it was to the credit of locals that despite these provocations matters did not escalate. The memo further said that the names of activists and innocent youths who are demanding answers from the administration and agitating on social issues have also been included in the cases being filed related to the riots. They have demanded that the names of such people should be removed as accused from criminal cases, reported the newspaper, Punyanagri.

Memorandum by Muslim community in Shevgaon

Another memorandum was was also submitted by the representatives of the Muslim community in Shevgaon. The memorandum states that people from Muslim community, Hindus and even Dalits were living peacefully and harmoniously in Shevgaon for decades. However, the ‘Sakal Hindu Samaj’ has been trying to create rifts in Shevgaon for the past two-three years. The memorandum states the effects of inciteful speeches is reflected in the social media posts of the youth of Shevgaon who have come to resent the Dalits and Muslims around them.

Citizens for Justice and Peace has, through its hate watch programme complained about over three dozen such speeches over past several months.


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It has been alleged by citizens in these representations and recorded and reported in the local media that during Ram Navami procession this year (April May 2023), loud music was played on DJ and when the procession reached Markaz Masjid near Fauzfata, the focus light was flashed on the mosque and they played songs like “Banayenge Mandir” (We will build a temple) and also loudly played the hanuman chalisa at full volume. Despite complaints to the police, however, no action was taken by the police.

Further, during Ambedkar Jayanti (April 14) when Dalits wanted to put up Jai Bhim flags, by removing the saffron flags, the same was opposed and the Dalits were threatened that their houses would be burnt down if they removed the saffron flags. The memorandum also stated that far right wing elements spread hatred during the month of Ramzan as well and a person named Shelke made inciteful statements about killing Muslims and there was a lot of opposition over putting up green flags 9Islamic flags) during Ramzan.

Even during the Sambhaji Jayanti a procession was carried out which was never carried out before this year. The memo states that during the procession, people started pelting stones at Markaz Masjid while the DJ was playing loudly. The memo alleges that the police were mutely watching while all this was happening. It has been further alleged that people have wrongfully implicated peace activists in false cases.

The memorandum by left parties and the Muslim community may both read here:




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