“Let’s take back our Media”: openDemocracy’s Global Campaign for Press Freedom

Racist newspapers, fake news – had enough? openDemocracy takes on the world’s bullies, gives voice to the powerless and hosts sensitive, intelligent debate.

‘Trump may not be good for America, but he’s damn good for CBS'
– Leslie Moonves, CEO of the CBS Corporation (Annual media revenues: $9.57 billion)

2016 showed the toxic power of a media that only chases clicks and profit margins.

openDemocracy is different. We don’t have billionaire proprietors or lucrative advertising deals. 

We give voice to the powerless, take on the world’s bullies and host sensitive, intelligent debate. 

This year we will:
–  Launch a major Europe-wide investigation into press freedom
–  Bring together some of the world’s most creative activists and thinkers to reinvigorate democracy 
–  Fight back against censorship in Turkey
–  Expose fake news in Russia AND the US

… And much, much more.

But without big sponsors, subscriptions or oligarch patrons, we need your support to make all this happen.

Donate now and the Open Society Foundation will double any amount you give.




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