LIVE Updates on All India General Strike and Peasants’ Protest 2020

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November 27, 2020

6:00 PM

Still from the Singhu border




4:10 PM

Talks with the protesting farmers will be held on 3rd December by  the Union Agriculture Ministry, however they have no declared agenda to  discuss with the farmers.

4:00 PM

Farmers at the Tikri border have also entered Delhi.

3:50 PM

Protests organised at Parliament Street, Delhi by Samyukt Kisan Morcha (a platform for peasant organisations) in support of the protesting farmers. 


3:40 PM

Police have resorted to throwing stones at the farmers at the Singhu border. Some of the farmers report minor injuries.

3:35 PM

Breaking : in a big victory for farmers, the Government has relented, agreeing to allow protesting farmers to come to Nirankari, Samagam Ground, Burari inside Delhi. Sanyukt Kisan Morcha has accepted this offer.

3:25 PM

Farmers have broken two layers of barricading and are opening up the road. Despite several tear gas shells and water cannons being fired, farmers continue to make their way into Delhi.

3:15 PM

Farmers have started breaking the barricade at Singhu border.

3:00 PM

Water cannons being used again by the police to push back farmers at Singhu border.

attack on journalist

2:50 PM

Hear what the farmers protesting have to say


2:40 PM

More and more farmers are joining the agitation at Singhu border as they stand face to face with the police. The farmers have marched to the barricades and have told the police that before midnight they will be standing inside Delhi, that they cannot be stopped.

2:30 PM

Police could be seen asking the protestors from Punjab to back off on the pretext of COVID 19 guidelines in a conversation.

2:20 PM

Police says that they will not allow the farmers protesting against the Centre’s new farm laws to enter Delhi if they reach the borders of the national capital.

2:10 PM

“I will sacrifice my life before everyone else does. I am not afraid of death.” an old woman who has joined the protest could be heard saying in the video.

2:00 PM

Police could be seen firing tear gas shells at Haryana – Delhi border in the coming visuals.

Anand Mangnale on Twitter: “The police has just fired several tear gas shells at Haryana-Delhi border. This is where the main stand off will take place it seems. #FarmersProtest #DilliChalo” / Twitter

1:50 PM

Hundreds of farmers have gathered at Singhu border despite the continuous tear gas fired by the police. They will wait at the border for the farmers who are on their way and then march towards Delhi.

1:40 PM

Delhi government refuses permission to police to convert stadiums into prisons for protesting farmers.

1:35 PM

Water cannons and tear gas used on the farmers at Tikri Border.

1:30 PM

Chakka jam on Delhi- Dehradun highway near Meerut and another one on Delhi- Agra highway.

1:25 PM

Protesting farmers jump barricades in Sirsa, “We are going to Delhi for our rights. Whatever we do will be peaceful. We won’t harm any person or property. Even if we have to stay for a month, we will. Even if we attain martyrdom, we will” says a farmer.

1:20 PM

AIKSCC and Sanyukt Kisan Morcha has sent a letter to the Prime minister requesting him to let farmers come to Delhi and talk to the representatives of the Government.

1:15 PM

Saket Gokhale have issued a notice to CNNnews18 regarding their false and biased coverage of the farmers’ protest claiming that the farmers are being misled.

1:10 PM

“Gurudwaras in Delhi are raided by intelligence agencies to check ‘whether farmers are hiding in the gurudwaras’ Oh foolisH Gujarati goons, farmers have nothing to fear, they do not hide.” says Qabeer Jalandhari

1:00 PM

Protests erupt in Rohtak after a farmer got into a car accident and succumbed to the injuries. The farmers say the accident occured because of the hurdles set up by the government 

12:55 PM

Delhi Police seeks Delhi govt’s permission to convert nine stadiums into temporary prisons. This is now going to put onus on Kejriwal again. Will he allow it, after he gave a pro-farmer statement?

12:50 PM

Members of Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee prepare in Amritsar for their tractor rally in Delhi “We have loaded food material for a month and cooking utencils in our trolleys. We are all headed towards Delhi now” said a farmer

12:40 PM

Langar was arranged at Panipat Toll Plaza for the farmers travelling to Delhi.


12:35 PM

Haryana Police again engaged in a failed attempt to stop the crowd by using water cannons to clear the protestors at Haldana border

12:30 PM

Vehicles are not being allowed to drive through Singhu border. Non protesting civilians are directed to take different routes. Thousands of protesting farmers still on their way to Delhi as the police is using tear gas to disperse the crowd  near Singhu.

12:25 PM

Tear gas used on farmers as they arrived at the Singhu border.

12:20 PM

Our round up of the political message given to the farmers through barricades, water cannons and tear gas Right Wing media working overtime to discredit farmers? | SabrangIndia

12:15 PM

Attempts by the right wing media to discredit and communalise the farmer protest. Right Wing media working overtime to discredit farmers? | SabrangIndia

12:10 PM

Did you get a chance to read our article on how this protest is even bigger than the last one.? Read here Second peasant strike in two months garners even bigger support! | SabrangIndia

12:05 PM

The farmers say that they are prepared for a 6 month protest in Delhi if needed and won’t return until they are heard and the three farms laws are repealed.

12:00 PM

Over 50,000 farmers are estimated to reach Delhi by today. Trucks full of ration and blankets have reached the farmers.

11:55 AM

Trenches as deep as 30 feet were dug up on the orders of the Central Government on the National Highway to stop the farmers from reaching Delhi.

11:50 AM

So, did you read our round up of the top 10 moments of yesterday. 

Top 10 moments of November 26, 2020 | SabrangIndia

11:45 AM

And we are back!! After a historic day of peasants march and workers strike, the action has now moved into day 3. With farmers from the northern state pushing back barricades and announcing highway blockades, let us see for long the Modi sarkar can look away. 


November 26, 2020

7:45 PM

Mumbai-Delhi National Highway blocked by over 6,000 people of CPI(M), AIKS, CITU, AIDWA, DYFI and Kashtakari Sanghatana.

7:40 PM

A number of Mosques in Delhi have made arrangements for the meals of the arriving farmers, food is being delivered to those who can’t reach the mosques says contact person Mr. Shari

7.35 PM

Our Constitution has many special features but one very special feature is the importance given to duties: PM Narendra Modi. India’s farmers do their duty everyday, how are we safeguarding their rights ?

7.30 PM

The farmers came well prepared for the long march towards Delhi. They say they do not have any guarantee of MSP from the governments and will fight for their rights for as long as it takes. As inter state bus service was stalled, some farmers even helped stranded travellers with rides on their tractor-trolleys, along the way. Farmers deserve to be heard.

7.25 PM

Farmers were teargassed, water cannoned, even shot at before. It is happening again in 2020! 

7.20 PM

Haryana farmers are protesting in big numbers but state’s CM and Dy CM are not coming out to even meet them. Navdeep Singh, a young farmer from Ambala, Haryana risked his life to shut off a water cannon jet. The protest is a success because of brave farmers like him.

7:15 PM

Farmers while going to Ratiya, Haryana from Boha, Punjab.

7:10 PM

Police stopped members of Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Sabha And Shaheed  Bhagat Singh Kisan Union from moving forward.

7:05 PM

Visual of demonstration at Siddipet District, Telangana.

7:00 PM

Demonstration at Ragunathapalem, Telangana.

6:55 PM

Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder Singh reacts to Haryana CM ML Khattar.  Singh tells Khattar the latter should have talked to the farmers before their #DilliChalo march. Reminds him that even Haryana farmers are also marching to Delhi. Why did Khattar not cite pandemic protocol  when  BJP pushed #FarmLaws through.

6:50 PM

Demonstration at Hyderabad

6:45 PM

Demonstration at Anantnag, Kashmir.

6.40 PM 

Today is Punjab’s 26/11. We’re witnessing end of right to democratic protest: Shiromani Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh Badal on Haryana govt, Centre ‘choosing to repress’ #FarmersProtest, reported PTI.

6:35 PM

Demonstrations at Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

6:30 PM

Rally in main centre of Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh despite heavy rainfall.

6:25 PM

“Just look at them they are at bed age, But they are still here for #FarmerProtest and for their families future, the height of democracy is so up.” tweeted Majinder Singh along with a picture of old women marching towards Delhi.

6:20 PM

Over 25 crore participated in the nationwide strike says unions

Nationwide strike affects normal life in Kerala, WB, Odisha – India News

6:15 PM

National President of AIKKMS, Comrade Satyavan and member of National Security Board of AIUTUC, Comrade Ramesh Sharma take part in the demonstrations on Sansad Marg, New Delhi

6:10 PM

Bijendra Singh Dahiya, district head of All India Kisan Khet Mazdoor Sangathan (AIKKMS) and Jaibhagwan Rajeev Gandhi were arrested along with others from Education City, Sonipat, Haryana

6:05 PM

Stills from demonstrations at Ballari, Karnataka.


6:00 PM

Demonstrations organised by AIUTUC, KRRS in Tumur Karnataka.

5:55 PM

In visuals coming in from Munger district SQCI Communist Party workers participating in nationwide general strike.


5:50 PM

“…Kisan Sangharsh Samitis have started cropping up in the villages in and around Delhi in UP and Haryana and farmers are preparing for massive protests in their villages, in the Govt, offices and to move into Delhi in support of the demand that the Central Govt. withdraw the 3 farm acts and the Electricity Bill 2020…” says the press release by Samyukt Kisan Morcha & All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC)

5:45 PM

Bhartiya Kisan Union And Fazilka’s convoy leaves for Badar

5:40 PM

Stills from the protest at Devadurga, Raichur, Karnataka organised by various organisations including AIUTUC, AIDSO, RKS, AIKKMS, AIDYO, CITU, AITUC and KRRS


5:35 PM

“Blockade at Singoor Station, Hooghly in support of the #MazdoorKisanStrike..” tweeted CPI (M), West Bengal


5:30 PM

“Against every force and atrocity, strike is our slogan…” could be heard in a video uploaded on Facebook in support of the strike

5:25 PM

Road block by demonstrators at Kendrapada, Odhisa.



5:20 PM

Stills from demonstrations at Rohtas Bihar


5:15 PM

Stills from demonstrations at Ghaighata, West Bengal.


5:10 PM

Still from demonstrations at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.


5:05 PM

Stills from the protest at Bongaon West Bengal organised by AIUTUC.



5:00 PM

Stills from the protest organised by Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Majdoor Sabha at Prayagraj.



4:55 PM

Demonstrations at Duttapukur, West Bengal.



4:50 PM

Demonstrations at Nizividu, Andhra Pradesh.



4:40 PM

Demonstrations at Musunuru, Andhra Pradesh.



4:35 PM

Farmers arrested from Jantar Mantar, Delhi.

दिल्ली के जंतर-मंतर पर प्रदर्शन से पहले ही कई किसान हिरासत में | Hindusthan Samachar

4:30 PM

A human chain formed by AIUTUC,CITU,AITUC, KRRS,AIDSO,AIMSS,ASHA and others iin Yadgiri DT, Karnataka.



4:25 PM

Demonstrations at Gauripur, Assam by Dhubri Zilla Unorganised Workers’ Union, AIUTUC, AIDSO and AIKKMS.



4:20 PM

“Inqalab Zindabad” could be heard from protestors engaged with the Police in Silchar, Assam.

4:15 PM

Demonstrations in Telangana by Telangana Vyavasaya Vrutidarula Union and All India Trade Union Congress



4:10 PM

Tear gas used on the farmers of Punjab and Haryana by the police.

4:00 PM

Student protesters join the fray at Jantar Mantar to show their solidarity with peasant protest.

3:55 PM

No one can stop this fight for rights. The farmers toil for 12 months, guard the fields, and only then they grow the food grains. They somehow manage to arrange water and electricity… but can’t bear the bank loans… tears flow from their eyes: Bhojpuri singer Neha sings in solidarity with farmers.

3:50 PM

Finally, Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana, speaks up, but only to engage in a verbal spat with the Punjab CM… “I’ve been trying to reach out to you for the last 3 days but sadly you decided to stay unreachable – is this how serious you are for farmer’s issues? You’re only tweeting and running away from talks, Why?” 

3:45 PM

Stills of IFTU (International Federation Of trade Unions) led General Strike In Vijayavada.



3:40 PM

Delhi Police arrested protesters who were resting last night from Gurudwara Majnu Ka Tila last night. Police have defiled our place of worship, says the farmer recording this clip.

3:35 PM

Demonstrations in Mysore, Karnataka by AIUTUC, AIKKMS, CITU, KRRS, AIMSS and others.



3:30 PM

Rahul Gandhi has weighed in on Facebook with a couplet. Will he be seen on the ground too ?

3:25 PM

The government has deployed the Border Security Force to stop farmers’ demonstrations. Desperate measures indeed !!

3:20 PM

Demonstrations and road blockade in Pune led by unorganised labours and members of Kagaj Kach Patra Union



3:15 PM

Tamil Nadu peasants voicing their grievances against agriculture laws, labour codes, Electricity Bill despite the threat of Cyclone Nivar

3:05 PM

Demonstrations at Shahbad, Rajasthan.



3:00 PM

Demonstrations in front of the District Court Bhadrak, Odhisa.


2:55 PM

Still from the protest at Alwar, Bihar.


2:50 PM

Visuals coming in from a protest organised by AIDSO, Karnataka.

2:45 PM

Delhi Police is in full force at Jantar Mantar, trying to prevent the gathering of farmers: AIKSCC 

2:40 PM

Stills from protests in Karnataka by RKS,APMC, AIKKMS.


2:35 PM

Stills from the protest at Chattisgarh by the All India Kisan Khet Mazdoor Sangathan.


2:30 PM

Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh questions Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar for stopping farmers by employing undemocratic means.

2:25 PM

Punjab farmers at the blockade set up by the Haryana Police


2:20 PM

Hundred of farmers sat on the road in a massive protest organised by the All India Sugarcane Growers Association Central Committee Members in front of the Pathri Tehsil office Under the leadership of Co. Deepakrao Lipne  and Uddhavrao Paul.


2.15 PM

They are trying to create a divide between soldiers and farmers. The farmer sends his sons to protect the nation’s border: Kanhaiya Kumar leading pro farmer, pro worker rally in Patna today.

2.10 PM

Water cannon jets actually have enough pressure to knock an adult over and cause injuries. It is a powerful weapon.


2:07 PM

Yogendra Yadav and other associates send an audio clip from Mokalwas village school where they are currently detained.

2.03 PM

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Raigad district of Maharashtra has been called shut today due to the widespread protests.


2:00 PM

Visuals coming in of protests in West Bengal Organised by All India Democractic Student Union and All India United Trade Union Centre.



1.55 PM

Every citizen should feel directly connected to every law & decision taken under it: PM Narendra Modi said today. So this means farmers must be allowed to question the Farm Laws too.

1.50 PM

Farmers are my top priority: The PM had once said.

1:45 PM

Trade Union workers go out on streets in huge numbers in Gulbarga, Karnataka.

1.40 PM

Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Former Union Cabinet Minister of Food Processing, the Shiromani Akali Dal MP from Bathinda wants PM Narendra Modi to direct Haryana CM

ML Khattar to let farmers’ march on peacefully to in Delhi. Will he listen?


“Stop selling the country… Inqalab Zindabad” could be heard from visuals coming in from Assam of protest a organised by All India Krishak Khet Mazdur Sangathan and All India Democratic Student Organisation.


Dushyant Chautala, Haryana’s Deputy Chief Minister, seems to be maintaining radio silence today. However, he shared ‘Greetings on #ConstitutionDay’  while remaining silent on the Constitutional rights of farmers.

A few days ago he had tweeted about receiving “farmers’ blessings”  at a ‘Kisan Rally’ held at Nuh.


1:25 PM

As per reports from CPI(M) representative in Jawahar, Comrade Ratan Budhar is leading the  Rasta roko agitation against various government policies.

1:20 PM

A crowd gathered in front of the Solapur CITU office to participate in the march after the November 26 strike, despite police repression



1:15 PM

Members of the Bombay University and College Teachers Union join their voices to the nationwide condemnation by trade Union workers. Visuals coming in from Dapoli, Alibaug from Raigad district and Kalyan in Thane district.




1.10 PM

Senior journalists fear there is a deliberate move afoot to incite the farmers and provoke them into reacting violently and thus setting off a chain reaction which causes chaos in Punjab.


1:03 PM

Trade Unions in Odisha make a move. Workers go out on streets to denounce the anti-worker labour codes.


1:00 PM

All India Kisan Union plant to perform memorandum in protest of the atrocities on farmers by demonstrating in their tehsils from 11:00 AM tomorrow.

“All farmers will prepare the advance strategy of the movement. Take part and protest against various atrocities being committed by the Government of India on farmers gathering in Delhi from all over the country today, as well as those trapped at blockades,” said Union members,

Contact of All India Kisan Union: 09456 2147 68,  085 33991 777

12:55 PM

Visuals of large group of trade Union workers coming in from Mysore and Raichur in Karnataka



12.50 PM

We will arrest farmers who try to force their way in: Delhi Police, is leasing with Haryana Police. Checking all vehicles with  UP, Haryana number plates reports NDTV. Even smaller road-borders will be manned, reported NDTV. This will go on till tomorrow.

12:40 PM

Yogendra Yadav arrested by Haryana police at Rathiwas Jat Village Rd, Haryana for allegedly disrupting peace.

12:35 PM

Workers Union in Maharashtra’s Shahada, Nandurbar and teachers’ Union at CGSP College gate at Talasari Palghar participate in General Strike.



12:30 PM

Palghar trade union workers denounce anti-people laws at the local level.

12:25 PM

Visuals of police manhandling protesting farmers heading towards Jantar Mantar

jantar mantar1

Jantar mantar

12:20 PM

Protesters break through police barricades

12:15 PM

Farmers enter Delhi shouting slogans demanding the withdrawal of the three agriculture laws and denouncing Modi sarkar.

12:10 PM

Thousands of protesting farmers, led by Terai Kisan Sangathan, moving towards Delhi stopped by UP govt on Nainital Delhi Road, at Flora Hotel on UP – Uttarakhand border.

12:05 PM

Tosham’s All India Kisan Khet Mazdoor Sangathan AIKKMS batch left to reach Sampala, Rohtak.


12:00 PM

There is now a 20 km chakka jam at the Agra-border national highway.


11:55 AM

Leader National Farmers Organization Jasvir Bhatti along with his batch succeeded in reaching Delhi!

11.50 AM

Boulders and barricades, and more police deployed than ever. The state is doing all it can to stop the farmers from standing up for their rights.


11:48 AM

Right wing media’s manipulation of farmers’ protest is nothing new. In 2018, OpIndia had tried a similar stunt for Maharashtra and Odisha protests.

11.45 AM

Dangerous attempt by TV channel TV 9 Bharat  to  communalise and  discredit farmers’  protests by linking farmers to Khalistanis  #FarmersProtest

11:42 AM

Getting a sense of Déjà vu? Farmers have been observing such protests all over India for the last two months. The earlier major protest took place on September 25, 2020.

11.40 AM
Bharat Bandh today to protest labour and farm laws, 10 major labour unions participating but the RSS-affiliated Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), has said that it will not participate in the strike.

11:35 AM

On Haryana Bridge, Tear Gas launched on Farmers, barricades flung into river, reported NDTV.  Haryana has sealed borders with Punjab today and tomorrow after orders from Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

11:30 AM

Police use tear gas to disperse the gathering crowd of farmers at Shambhu border near Haryana’s Ambala region. 


11:25 AM

West Bengal’s left trade union members’ demonstrations continue in full force to denounce new labor and agriculture laws in Kolkata.


11:22 AM

AIKSCC wishes “Happy Constitution Day” to all farmers


11:17 AM

Delhi police deploys personnel outside Manju ka Tila Gurudwara just before a Joint Kisan Morcha press conference in Delhi at 11.30 am. Section 144 applied.

11:14 AM

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal supports farmer protests. He not only calls the three bills “anti-farmer” but also criticises the central government for curtailing the farmer’s right to peaceful protests.


11:12 AM

To exercise more control over the farmer protests, drone camera has been deployed for security surveillance at Delhi-Faridabad border.


11:10 AM

Workers General Strike kicks off today! As Union members and labourers take to the street, here is a detailed breakdown of the labour-codes the peasantry is decrying.

11:05 AM

Haryana’s government employees will join today’s strike under the banner of Sarv Karamchari Sangh to protest the state and central government policies. Sarv Karamchari Sangh President Subhash Lamba said that all government departments, boards, corporations and university-workers and urban local body employees will participate.

11:00 AM

Central government has assured farmers the three agricultural laws will work for their benefit. Here’s an article by AIKSCC that addresses one of their key concerns regarding the new farm laws – MSP.

10:54 AM

Heavy security deployed on Delhi-Jammu highway  near Karna Lake in Karnal, in view of farmer’s protest march to Delhi


10:50 AM

Amid farmer protests being led in thousands, Delhi Police has deployed a new strategy at the Singhu border to prevent the former’s tractors. Delhi Police has created a barricade with trucks filled with sand.


10:47 AM 

Are farmers rights guaranteed by the Constitution? YES! Here’s an article by Citizens for Justice and Peace to understand the significance of a peasant movement on Constitution Day

10:40 AM

As per an AIKSCC press release,  more than 3 lakh farmers are moving from various parts of Punjab towards Haryana border in thousands of tractors and trucks.

10:35 AM

IFTU starts of Constitution Day with an early morning strike in Mayapuri industrial area of New Delhi



10:30 AM

Meanwhile, Punjab and Haryana High Court has issued notice to the Haryana government in a habeas corpus petition filed seeking release of over 100 farmers detained at midnight yesterday. Here’s Sabrang India’s update.

10:23 AM

“It is very strange that the Haryana government has closed down the borders of the state. The Constitution does not grant any such powers to the state. To think that the system that is supposed to serve the people is harming their fundamental rights is saddening. These actions will serve as vital attacks on BJP rule.” – Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sangharsh Samanvya Samiti, Haryana

10:20 AM

Bhartiya Kisan Union Ekta Dakonda District Ferozepur and the rest of the convoy coming from Ferozepur from Fazilka Handaya  leave at 10 AM sharp



10:15 AM

Chakka jam has begun at the highway of Agra-Rajasthan border where Medha Patekar has been detained since last night

10:10 AM

Farmers send videos of chakka jams at Punjab and Delhi border on Shambhu barrier. 1 dozen farmers trolleys have arrived so far. Police have put a rapid action force there and on top of the barrier Large stones have blocked the road

10:05 AM

So what are the key demands of the bandh ? 

  • Withdrawal of all “anti-farmer laws and anti-worker labour codes”
  • Payment of Rs 7,500 in the accounts of each non-tax paying family
  • Monthly supply of 10 kg of food grains to needy families
  • MGNREGS expansion to give 200 workdays every year, higher wages and the scheme’s implementation in urban areas
  • Stop “privatisation of the public sector, including the financial sector, and stop corporatisation of government-run manufacturing and service entities like railways, ordinance factories, ports etc.”
  • Withdrawal of the “draconian circular on forced premature retirement of government and PSU employees”
  • Pension to all, scrapping of NPS (National Pension System) and the reimposition of earlier pension with improvement in EPS-95 (Employees’ Pension Scheme-1995 run by retirement fund body EPFO)

10:00 AM 

Workers union or remote controlled ? Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), which is aligned with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), will not take part in the all-India strike. “It is clarified that BMS and its units will not participate this politically motivated strike on 26th November 2020,” said the BMS in a statement issued on Tuesday.

9:55 AM

Bank Strike Today 

The All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA) on Tuesday announced its decision to join the 26th November 2020 strike. “The Lok Sabha in its recently held session has passed three new labour enactments by dismantling existing 27 enactments in the name of ‘Ease of Business’, which are purely in the interest of corporates. In the process, 75 percent of workers are being pushed out of the orbits of labour laws since they will have no legal protection under the new enactment,” the AIBEA said in a release.

The AIBEA, which has four lakh bank employees from several public and old private sector and some foreign banks as its members, represents most of the banks barring State Bank of India and Indian Overseas Bank.

As per the press release, nearly 30,000 bank employees from 10,000 bank branches of public sector banks, old generation private sector banks, regional rural banks and foreign banks in Maharashtra will participate in the strike.  

9:45 AM

26th November strike: Which unions are participating? Ten central trade unions, which have called the bandh are: Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC),Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS), Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), All India United Trade Union Centre (AIUTUC), Trade Union Co-ordination Centre (TUCC), Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU), Labour Progressive Federation (LPF), United Trade Union Congress (UTUC)
The joint platform also includes independent federations/associations.

9. 35 AM

State forces Vs farmers. Haryana barricaded its borders, suspended bus services with Punjab, Delhi Police on alert, borders at Gurugram, Faridabad fortified, exit gates at key Metro stations shut 

9:30 AM

Sardar Jagjit Singh Dallewal led thousands of farmers through broken police barricades at the Punjab-Haryana border, and marched into Tohana in Haryana, moving towards Delhi.

9:20 AM

Delhi police issues a circular of possible closure of key metro stations in Central Delhi. Delhi police calls the farmers’  march towards Delhi a “snap protest/rally/march.”


9:10 AM

Visuals coming in of Haryana police using razor wires to block protesting farmers from marching towards Delhi.


9:05 AM

Chandigarh’s Mohali Police issued an advisory on Wednesday night against taking the Chandigarh-Zirakpur-Delhi and the Patiala-Zirakpur-Chandigarh routes, where farmers’ protest march had caused traffic jams.

Alternative routes suggested were — Chandigarh-Panchkula-Nada Sahib-Yamunanagar-Delhi route for Delhi, and the diversion from Chhatt Light point towards Mohali to Chandigarh.

9:00 AM

Women, children, men at Kanganwal village in Punjab observed a candle march last night to boost farmers movement. Residents said it may look as though farm laws are concerned with agriculture but they affect all sections of society.

8:55 AM

All India Lawyers Union has extended its support to the ‘Delhi Chalo’ movement of farmers

8.50 AM

Mumbai stands with farmers!

Com. Prakash Reddy, Feroze Mithiborwala, Yohan Tengra & Ambar Koiri have given a call for solidarity protest to be held at 12.00pm, 26th of November, at the Kotwal Garden, opp. Plaza Cinema, Dadar (West), Mumbai.

8.45 AM

“We have permission to reach the location in Delhi but police from other states are stopping us from moving forward” – AIKKMS 

8.40 AM

More than 3,50,000 farmers will march to Delhi through various roads connecting Punjab through Haryana on more than 20,000 tractors, trailers & 1000s of cars, buses & trucks – AIKSCC

8.37 AM

Kamgar Karmchari Sanghatna Sanyukt Kruti Samiti to go on a nation wide strike and form human chain to show their support to the farmers 

8.35 AM

Farmers will lift 1 finger & decimate & send PM to oblivion That’s power of Constitutional Democracy! Happy CONSTITUTION DAY to all Farmers!! – AIKSCC


8.30 AM

“They are asking us to reach the wedding venue after the muhurtam”- Medha Patkar said after the police told her and the protest rally that they will be let out by today evening

“The repressive action of government of UP is condemnable and we would like to ask the government as to what is their duty towards us when we are illegally stopped by UP POLICE and we are compelled to sit on Satyagrah on highway itself” – Medha Patkar

8.25 AM

Farmers march blocked by big boulders at Haryana border!

8.20 AM

People marching in support of farmers stopped by police in the middle of the highway!

8.15 AM

Several Farmers’ unions came together as they painted over walls about the ‘Delhi Chalo’ movement

8.12 AM

This is how farmers prepared and left Firozpur, Punjab for Delhi, to protest the farm bills and to make their voices heard!

8.10 AM

AIKSCC delegations from Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh being detained in the middle of nowhere by Uttar Pradesh police, on a highway, before Agra. Medha Patkar, Pratibha Shinde, Kavitha Srinivasan and others were in these convoys, and they have been detained by the police!

8.08 AM

On the eve of Constitution Day, our rights are being violated says Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Sangharsh Samanvay Samiti marching in support of farmers, who started their march on November 23 from Maharashtra as well as Karnataka crossed many states on their way and after reaching UP border, were intervened and stopped by the police

8.05 AM

#ModiAgainstFarmers and #FarmersDilliChalo were trending on Twitter last night.

8.02 AM

All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha Press Release condemned brutal treatment of the farmers, by the Haryana Govt on their way to Delhi. “There is no limit to which this RSS BJP goverment will go in-service to the corporates,” said the General Secretary, Dr. Ashish Mital

8.00 AM

All possible attempts are being made to curtail this march! The administration has invoked section 144 in Charkhi Dadri district, Haryana.  

7.55 AM

An All India Krishak Khet Majdoor Sangathan worker distributed pamphlets on a public road. They have said they will reveal their slogan in the program scheduled for today



7.50 AM

Farmers moving on Ambala Highway were met with icy cold water cannons, in the chill winters of Punjab but, undeterred they are marching on, while also facing the Rapid Action Force commissioned to stop and control the Farmers’ march

7.45 AM

In Ambala, farmers, atop tractors were driving towards Delhi, while those on the road were seen flipping police barricades and pushing them towards the police.

7.40 AM

While farmers are exercising their democratic right to protest, news channels like TV9 leaving no stone unturned to discredit the farmers, calling them pawns of Khalistani movement!


7. 35 AM

Farmers broke barricades in Kurukshetra and marched towards Karnal. The Gurgaon-Delhi border has been sealed heavily by police force and their mission is to not let these farmers enter Delhi today. Will they be able to hold off a large scale farmers march such as this?  

7.30 AM

Protests took place in Dhubri, Assam in support of the nationwide general strike 

7.25 AM 

CITU National Secretary and All India Federation of Anganwadi Workers & Helpers (AIFAWH) President was present at the Punjab Haryana border, along with the peasantry, where they were stopped by the police. 

7.20 AM

A group of farmers left Rourkela Kalan to join farmers marching for the ‘Delhi Chalo’ movement

7.15 AM

Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) comrade Rajendra Singh condemned these arrests and said that by suppressing the farmers, the government is putting the country in grave danger.



7.10 AM

Regional Secretary of AIKKMS Jaykaran Mandothi and Samay Singh were among the farmer leaders who were detained by Rewari police yesterday 

7.00 AM

Welcome Back to our Live Blog! We have been tracking all events and incidents since last night and have a lot of updates for you. A lot has transpired in the intervening night.



November 25, 2020

7:58 PM

Kisan Sabha at Paliganj city in Patna district. Secretary Kripa Narayan Singh, State Councilor Sant Kumar, District President Mangal Yadav, Party leaders Anwar, Umesh Manjhi, Anil Kumar Yadav, Sunil Kumar, Ramayan Mochi, Ramashish Ram, Nand Singh and others burn the effigy of PM Modi. The event was organized against the arrest of the farmer leaders of Punjab Haryana, who were preparing for the Delhi rally, demanding the withdrawal of the three anti-farmer laws and the new electricity bill.


7:46 PM

West Bengal workers come out on the street in huge masses to denounce anti-worker laws.



7:39 PM

Farmer leader Yogendra Yadav calls for all citizens to join in with farmers unrest on virtual platforms if not in real life. Hashtag to be used #FarmersDilliChalo


7.30 PM

Want to protect the nation? Then protect the farmer first.


7.25 PM

No government barricade will be able to stop India’s farmers. Scenes from Haryana border. #FarmersMarch #FarmersProtest #DilliChalo #हरियाणाबॉर्डर


7.20 PM

Unwelcome in Haryana. Boulders blocking the protestors’ path!  This is how the state thanks the farmers who have worked the land all their lives, growing food?


7.15 PM

Farmers are not politicians, farmers are above petty politics. They lead by example. 


7:10 PM

Human Rights activist, Teesta Setalvad tweeted “We the People of India is where the power of this Country should lie! It is very cold. And a wicked regime does what it knows best: inflict pain on its Citizens! Horrid RAJ!”


7.05 PM

In peak winter, icy water cannons were unleashed on protesting Farmers, who till the land to feed the nation. 

7.00 PM

Haryana police personnel raided the houses of dozens of farmers’ rights activists on Tuesday. CPM leader Ram Chander Shahnal, member, Fatehabad Zila Parishad, president of the district unit of the Khet Mazdoor Union, was among the farmers’ leaders picked up by the police.

6.45 PM

Protect India’s National assets from merciless loot & defend the working people’s rights and livelihoods. Support  the workers’-farmers’ countrywide protests: November 26-27: Sitaram Yechury General Secretary, Communist Party of India (Marxist).


6:08 PM

You have sewn your lips shut, do not halt my tongue… if you do not even care, let me speak the truth: stated a CPIM poster. 


6:00 PM

Be aware about the BJP’s hate politics in Kashmir and elsewhere, read a poster from CPIM, J&K

5:22 PM

Visuals of farmers from around Delhi mobising towards the city to denounce the three anti-farmer laws and electricity Bill



5:17 PM

“AIDSO Kerala sings songs to show their support to the to the protestors of All India General Strike”


5:10 PM

“What’s Up with the police, why so angry!?”


5:00 PM

“We will fight this movement thinking of it as a battle” says a protestor

5:00 PM

Punjab farmer leader Balbir SIngh Rajewal says, “I condemn the central and Haryana government for their repressive actions especially against Punjab farmers. I want to ask PM Modi and CM Khattar are we not a part of India? Why are we stopped at the border?”

farmer pc

4:55 PM

23 checkpoints within Punjab and 7 inter state borders sealed. Kisan Union Youth Secretary arrested from a bus.

4:50 PM

Reports coming in of Police force used to stop the procession led by BKU chief Gurnam Singh Chadhuni on G T Road on November 25

4:45 PM

Videos of farmers forcing their way through Haryana police’s barricades. Journalist posts video farmers driving cars to make a road through police hurdles.




4:45 PM

“We want Bills repealed in toto. We do not subscribe to the view that these farmers benefit farmers. They are principally made to benefit corporate farming. Agriculture economists also agree that these laws will hurt the farmers. Radd karo is our demand. The electricity Bill should not be passed” – Yogendra Yadav

4:40 PM

“The number of farmers who have left to go to Delhi are in lakhs. We shall not do any violence. Conservatively around 2 lakh farmers have left to enter Delhi. Thousands will be coming from UP and Haryana. We do not know how many will enter but we will do our peaceful protest” – Yogendra Yadav during Press Conference

4:35 PM

Similar to Punjab farmers, Uttarakhand farmers reported farmer leaders are being arrested at the dead of night a day before the nationwide protest march.

4:30 PM

Gherabandi in different parts of UP. 4-5 spots will observe jamavda from tomorrow. Gathering will march towards Delhi. This preparation has begun  – Ashish Mital member of working group of AIKSCC

4:25 PM

Delhi police claims it has not given permission for observing the strike. Warns that farmers who enter will be arrested.



4:20 PM

As per a press release from CITU the Odisha government has declared Essential Services Maintenance Act banning strikes in several sectors. Management has threatened action against workers for participating in the strike.

4:15 PM

Videos from Punjab show that on the eve of Constitution day a convoy of 31 tractor-trolleys from BKU Ekta of Dakounda district have left for Delhi. 13 tractor trolleys from Fazilka led by Harish went to Bathinda to join the Mastu Ana caravan.

4:10 PM

General Secretary of AIKSCC Hannan Mollah said protest will take place in two parts. First part will be the protest march. The second part will be the walk to Jantar Mantar in Delhi to demand withdrawal of three anti-farm laws and Electricity Bill. Delhi farmers will wait for farmers at Jantar Mantar from 11 AM.

4:05 PM 

Punjab farmer leader Darshan Pal stated during a press conference that big stones have been put on top of the barricades along border areas using cranes. (so that barricades can’t be removed)

4:00 PM

We are LIVE now, on the eve of the strike. Reports are coming in from all over about the many ways in which governments – state and central both, are working to foil the general strike. On the other hand, trade unions and peasants are also taking to the streets. Watch this space for more.




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