Livelihood & Food are our Fundamental Rights: Meat Traders Protest Yogi Actions, Varanasi

Memorandum Submitted at the PMO Karyalaya, Varanasi, April 11

A spate of protests in Kashi, by meat traders, on both April 10 and 11 have high-lighted the lawless acts of the Yogi government in the state. On being appointed chief minister of Uttar Pradesh (UP), the controversial Yogi turned politician has let lose a reign of terror against minority owned establishments.

The thousand strong protest that wound its way through Varanasi and ended up at the local office of the prime minister (the city is the PM's constituency). The protest raised several issues:

► Preserve the Livelihoods of the Meat Traders
►End Police Raj and High Handedness
►Regularise and Hasten the License Issuing process to the traders and slaughterhouses
►Until the Mechanised Slaughterhouses are not created, alternate spaces to exisiting traders and businesses to avert hunger, deprivation and loss of livelihood

The Video of the Protest May be viewed here



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