Madhya Pradesh: loudspeakers in religious places, plans to ban open sale of meat

The new chief minister of Madhya Pradesh was sworn in on December 13th, following which a slurry of new changes are being brought, some of which include a ban on loudspeakers for religious gatherings in public at selected timings.

In one of his first acts as the newly appointed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mohan Yadav promptly imposed a ban on loudspeakers at religious gatherings and public spaces, and proposed that a ban on open sale of meat without a licence was soon to be implemented. Along with this, the BJP leader bid a welcome to devotees travelling to the Ram Temple inauguration, according to the Indian Express, amidst other new initiatives. 

For the ban on loudspeakers in religious places, he touted restrictions on volumes beyond prescribed limits across the state. The order soon arrived from the home department of the Madhya Pradesh government and will implement the prohibition of loudspeakers and other sound amplifying devices without proper authorisation. 

According to reports, this directive is in accordance with the Noise Control Act, Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000, and guidelines established by the Supreme Court and the high court. It has been outlined that the use of loudspeakers and DJs is permissible only within defined norms at religious and public venues. The order further detailed the varying maximum volume limits across industrial, commercial, residential, and silence zones. To enforce these regulations, the government has outlined the use of “flying squads” that will be established in all districts to inspect and address instances of noise pollution and illegal use of loudspeakers. These squads will conduct random routine checks and promptly investigate any violations, and submit compliance reports to the administration within three days. The government also aims to keep a note with religious leaders for the removal of loudspeakers and maintain a record of those who do not comply with regulations. Following this order, the government has stated that a weekly review of non-compliant religious places will be conducted at the district level, with a compliance report due by December 31. The order also specifies that an additional director general of police from the crime research department be the nodal officer for continuous monitoring of noise pollution cases in this regard. 

The CM has stated that the government has discussed the open sale of meat and eggs and will soon bring out rules regarding it. Furthermore, according to Deccan Herald, the state has welcomed Ayodhya devotees and will make arrangements for their passage from the state, for which the inauguration ceremony of the Ram temple is slated to take place on January 22, 2024. Officials have stated that special arrangements will be implemented in the regions adjoining Uttar Pradesh to facilitate and ensure smooth travel for individuals heading to Ayodhya. The newly appointed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mohan Yadav assumed office on December 13 and conducted a puja within his chamber at the state secretariat in Bhopal, according to the PTI. Following his swearing-in earlier in the day, Yadav, who hails from the Ujjain South constituency also paid a visit to the renowned Mahakaleshwar temple. According to The Wire, the minister is known for his “communal rhetoric and aggressive Hindutva.”


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