Madrasa students in Unnao beaten up for refusing to say Jai Shri Ram

On the afternoon of Thursday about 10 to 12 boys of the Darul Uloom Faize Aam Madarsa were out playing cricket, 4 youth from the right wing groups came up to them and forced them to chant Jai shri Ram. The boys refused to comply whereupon the 4 persons beat them up with the cricket stumps and bats and ripped their kurtas. They also damaged a bicycle belonging to one of the boys.

The injured boys (Image courtesy: newindianexpress)

The boys all minors ran in fear to the safety of the Madrasa but the perpetrators, identified as members of Hindutva group Bajrang dal threw stones at them. The accused have been identified through their Facebook accounts. They are Aditya Shukla, Kranti, Kamal while the fourth person is yet to be identified.

The boys who have been victimised are between 12 and 13 years of age. As a result of being beaten up with cricket bat and stumps, one boy’s hand has been fractured, while another boy’s has suffered an injury on his head, one boy has been injured on the foot while the other boys have suffered minor injuries.

The police of Unnao, UP have registered a FIR against the 4 miscreants charging them with assault, voluntarily causing hurt, intentional insult to provoke breach of peace and criminal intimidation. After they were detained a group of right winged members came to the PS demanding their release while chanting slogans of Jai shri ram.

Image courtesy: The quint

The Imam of the masjid at the madrasa has given his statement to the police and the victims have also narrated the details of the incident and their injuries are being treated. The police is going into the details investigating the matter.

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