Maharashtra: Suresh Chavhanke stirs controversy of “Spit Jihad” again, targets Muslim businesses

Chavhanke targets Muslim businesses, Namaz, Madrassas, and Mosques in his inciting speech, perpetuates myths and promotes bigotry.

A Hindu Hunkaar Sabha was organised by the Sakal Hindu Samaj at Kopargaon, Maharashtra, where notorious hate-monger and serial hate speaker Suresh Chavhanke delivered an extremely hateful speech against Muslims and Islam. He targeted Muslim traders and Muslim businesses, fuelling the conspiracy of “spit jihad” once again. The video of the said speech was accessed by us on July 21, 2023.

Mocking Islam at many points in his speech, the hate speaker even issued a warning to the Maharashtra government, stating that if the loudspeakers used at Mosques for Namaz are not banned, then the Hindus will get their own speakers to raise the religious chant of “Har Har Mahadev” five times a day. Chavhanke also spread conspiracy theories about the Madrassas in Maharashtra, making unsubstantiated claims. To instigate his crowd, he stated that the Mosques in Maharashtra have been built upon demolished temples.

The speech:

“Muslims read Namaz five times a day and say “Allah hu Akhbar”. This means that they are saying that Allah is the greatest. But I want to ask how did Allah become bigger than Mahadev? Mahadev is the greatest for us. If these people will say “Allah hu Akhbar” 5 times, then we all will also fix loudspeakers on our houses and say “Har Har Mahadev” five times a day.”

“I want to warn the Maharashtra government that if they do not ban the use of loudspeakers by these people, we will get our own loudspeakers everywhere.”

“There are 35,000 Madrassas in Pakistan, whereas 72,000 Madrassas are there in the state of Maharashtra itself. The army general of Pakistan has say that there is a rise in terrorism in Pakistan because of these Madrassas as well as a dip in the economy because of these Madrassas. Now imagine, if there are only 35,000 Madrassas in Pakistan and still he is saying this, why are there 72,000 Madrassas running in the state of Maharashtra?”

“They teach the Muslims in Madrassas that whoever is a non-Muslim, is a Kaafir, and deserves to be killed. The tax that you pay the government, that same money is used by them to fund these Madrassas. Your tax money is being used for these Madrassas, where they are teaching Muslims to kill Hindus.”

“We appeal to PM Modi that they should stop referring to Muslims as a minority in India, or a minority in any state. If they have the second largest population in India, how can they be a minority? We should put locks on the doors of the Minority Ministry.”

“In this village of Kopargaon, the vegetable business used to belong to the Hindus Community. Who does it belong to now?”

The crown answers “Muslims”

“These Muslims sell the vegetable after applying their own saliva on it. The purity of your vegetables have been snatched away.”

“All these mosques in Maharshtra have been built after demolishing temples.”

Chavhanke then narrates a poem in Marathi, which has inciting words in it. Through the poem, he states that “nothing that a Muslim does is ever held to be punishable, while Hindus are punished for everything. When Diwali comes, the Supreme Court asks us to not burst crackers, but on Bakri Eid, they let the Muslims slaughter goats.”

(The abovementioned speech has been translated from Marathi)

The video can be viewed here:



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