Maharashtra: Threats of violence made, anti-Muslim insults used at the Hindu Janakroash Morcha in Malegaon

Far-right leaders publicly attacked the Muslim community in yet another blatant demonstration of impunity

Shadowy group of far-right organisations organised another Hindu Janakroash Morcha in Maharashtra, where participating speakers could be seen and heard delivering communally charged, divisive speeches targeting the Muslim community. In addition to peddling anti-Muslim hate and bigotry, one far-right leader, a video of whom has gone viral, can be seen explicitly calling for killing of people involved in “love jihad” by the Hindus. A video of two not-so well-known speakers had surfaced on social media, which had been accessed by us on July 3, 2023.

First speaker:

The first speaker in the video can be seen donned in orange from head to toe, and delivered a highly offensive, derogatory and provocative speech. In her speech, she also used ill-words and slurs for the Muslim community. Furthermore, she issued open threats to the minority community, seemingly proud of the fact that they stood in a Muslim dominated area and could make these statements.

The speech:

“If these people think that we will sit quietly while these people trap our daughters and sisters in Love-Jihad, then they are wrong, we will kill them like dogs. If they look at our daughters will bad intentions, they will be slain.”

“To those dogs, I want to tell them that look at me, I am standing in your Malegaon (a Muslim dominated area). Today, I am here, where have you cowards hidden yourself? Just Like a lion does not cower in fear, a Hindu mother never gives birth to a traitor.”

“We are the devotees of Ram, we are not afraid of anyone.”

“These jihadis stopped the meetings that had been organised by T. Raja Singh and Pragya Thakur.”

“I just want my Hindu brothers to take an oath to live and die for your religion and dharma, and to live your life like an unafraid lion, instead of a cat or a dog like them.”

Second speaker (Neha Patel):

“To see my Hindu brothers and sisters attending this gathering in such large numbers, I am sure that these people dreaming of committing Love-jihad, forced religious conversions and cow slaughter can see what will happen if we all unite and take on the roads.”

The video can be viewed here:



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