UP man arrested for assaulting Muslim boy for entering temple to drink water

The video was shared widely on social media and was brought to the cognisance on Ghaziabad police through Twitter

UP muslimsImage: https://twitter.com/ghaziabadpolice/

The Ghaziabad Police have taken action in a hate crime captured on video. Police were tagged on Twitter in a video where a Hindu man can be seen hitting a young Muslim boy for he entered Dasna Devi temple to drink water. Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of Alt news had shared the video on his twitter account and had tagged Ghaziabad police.



The video was originally posted on Instagram by an account named @hinduektasanghh and in the caption of the video, the perpetrator, Shringi Yadav was tagged. The caption of the video was rife with foul offensive language targeting the young Muslim boy and in praise of Shringi Yadav who was assaulting the boy. Yadav first asked the person shooting the video to ensure that his and the boy’s face should be clearly visible in the video, then he asks the boy his name and his father’s name (both Muslim names). Then he asks the boy why he entered the temple and the boy simply responded that he went there to drink water and he was immediately met with blows from Yadav. Yadav kept slapping him, twisted his arm and dropped him to ground and started kicking him all over and even tried to kick him in his groin but the boy managed to shield it with his free hand. The boy in a muffled voice kept pleading “paani peene aaye the uncle” (I had only come to drink water, uncle) and the man shooting the video, towards the end tried to pacify Yadav and asking him to stop.

This is not just some isolated untoward incident that was shot by an onlooker. The fact that the perpetrator Yadav made sure that his video was shot, while he hits the vulnerable boy demonstrates the brazenness of this act and the drive of hardline Hindutva propagating men to establish their hegemony over the minority Muslims.

The Instagram account @hinduektasangh also posted that a case has been registered against Yadav so now everyone should donate money to help him fight the case. “Uss video me jo sher hai unpe case hua hai ab dekhte hai yodhao ko kitne paise milte hai” (A case has been filed against the ‘lion’ in the video,now let us see how much money ‘a warrior’ can gather). The post further says, “dekhte hai ab hindu sirf video dekh ke maze lete hai yaa yodhao ko daan bhi dete hai ya nahi” (let us see if Hindus only enjoy watching such videos or will donate money for such warriors as well). 

A screenshot of this post was shared by Zubair on Twitter and he said the account was then found to have been deleted from Instagram after the video went viral.



Within about an hour, Ghaziabad police responded to Zubair’s Twitter post stating that they had arrested Shringi Nandan Yadav after taking cognisance of the said video and that proper action has been initiated against him under law.





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