Man in Delhi calls for slaughter of 2 lakh Muslims, locals demand National Security Act against him

In Delhi’s Sangam Vihar, a carcass of an animal was found a short distance from a temple. After the incident, a man named Karnail Singh reportedly called out for the slaughter of 2 lakh Muslims. Local Muslims have even been prompted to move out as tensions simmered in the area.

A man wearing a BJP sash around his neck was seen making inflammatory comments, threatening to kill 2 lakh Muslims.  The man, who is reportedly known as Karnail Singh, is heard threatening a police officer in the Sangam Vihar area of Delhi, saying, “You have 48 hours to do whatever you can. Otherwise, it’s 1.5 or 2 lakh Muslims here, we will kill all of them.”

The police have reportedly denied that the man was a part of the BJP. As per Hindustan Times, a BJP spokesperson has also denied any association with the man. “According to our information, he is from Faridabad and came to Sangam Vihar seeking notoriety. The police should act according to the law. We do not support such actions.”

The police have meanwhile stated that they are investigating the alleged case of cow slaughter and trying to find who it was  that caused the ‘mischief.’

Karnail Singh had also reportedly given inflammatory statements in the year 2022.

Local resident Mohammed Musarrat, who runs a YouTube channel, told Clarion India that the statement was made on June 22, after a cow carcass was found in J 2B Colony. Following the incident, local Muslim leaders have now filed a complaint at the local police station. The complaint, signed by about a dozen people, demands the arrest of Singh and the invocation of the National Security Act (NSA) against him. “The statement has created panic among the people,” the complaint reads, warning of potential unrest.

Musarrat has also stated to the Clarion India that Hindutva leaders have been repeatedly coming the locality. While the situation is currently peaceful, there was significant tension on Sunday as Hindutva leaders called for a protest at Peepal Chowk against the alleged cow slaughter. They had also reportedly planned to march while reciting the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’, but police intervened and prevented the march.

Authorities are investigating whether the carcass was brought by a stray dog or if an animal was actually slaughtered.

The discovery of the carcass near the temple had led to heightened tensions and had reportedly even caused about a dozen Muslim families to leave the area. Some have vacated their rented homes, while others have locked their houses and moved elsewhere. Musarrat noted that Hindutva supporters continue to visit the area, shouting slogans and slurs such as “Send them to Pakistan”, “Katwe”, and “terrorists”. Local Muslims have also stated that they have also joined hands to complaint against the alleged cow slaughter and stand with their ‘Hindu brothers.’


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