Marching through a Muslim dominated area, a mob raises provocative and communal slogans

Halting outside a mosque, the mob chanted: Say Vande Mataram if you have to live in India

Image: Screenshot

A video has been gaining attention on the social media recently, where allegedly a Hindu far-right mob marched through a Muslim dominated area and raised provocative and threatening slogans. The incident has been reported from Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. In the video, almost 100 bikes can be seen travelling in a group with a song playing in the background. The mob can also be heard singing and chanting the lyrics of a song which refers to the supremacy of Hindus in the “Hindu-rashtra”.

The mob then stops outside a mosque and shouts: “Hindustan mai rehna hoga vande matram kehna hoga (Say Vande Mataram if you have to live in India).” As the mob is shouting and chanting this song outside the mosque, Muslims women and children can be seen crossing the mosque and looking at the mob. This incident is just another example of the growing prejudicial and anti-Muslim environment of the new India.

The video can be viewed here:





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