Mayawati comments on Modi’s “wife abandonment”, Arun Jaitly retaliates

Amidst a highly volatile political environment given that the election juggernaut is entering its last leg, BSP chief Mayawati has commented about how women candidates from the BJP do not want their spouses to meet PM Narendra Modi, lest they feel inspired to desert their wives after meeting him.


The comment that came in wake of the Modi and Mayawati trading barbs in the aftermath of the Alwar gang rape, led to a scathing criticism from BJP leader Arun Jaitly.

Mayawati reportedly said, “I have come to know that in BJP, married women leaders get scared when they see their husbands going near PM Modi. They fear that like Modi they might also abandon their wives.”

This was just a day after Modi, while addressing an election rally in Kushinagar, accused her of shedding “crocodile tears” over the Alwar rape case and dared her to withdraw support to the Congress in Rajasthan.

Mayawati’s remark about Modi drew sharp criticism from Arun Jaiytly who tweeted saying, “Behan Mayawati – She is firm on becoming a Prime Minister. Her governance, ethics and discourse stoops to an all-time low. Her personal attack today on the Prime Minister exposes her as unfit for public life.”

Brief Background of the Alwar Gang Rape Case
A Dalit woman was gang raped on April 26 in Alwar in Rajasthan. She was riding pillion with her husband on their bike on the Thanagazi Alwar bypass when they were accosted by the assailants who forcibly took them to an isolated spot where they beat up the husband and raped the wife. According to her husband, the when police were informed about the incident they allegedly delayed taking any action in the matter citing preoccupation with election related duties.

One of the assailants had recorded a video of the sexual assault and was demanding money to bury it. When the couple didn’t pay, the video clip of the rape was circulated. This led to outrage and protests against Ashok Gehlot’s government. Finally, an FIR was only filed on May 2.
In wake if this, the SC/ST Commission Vice Chairman L Murugan recommended that an FIR be filed against the ‘negligent’ police officials under Section 4 of the SC/ST Act and that a charge-sheet be filed within 15 days. Alwar SP Rajiv Pachar was removed and Thanagazi police station SHO Sardar Singh was suspended. Four other policemen were taken off active duty.

Meanwhile, police have arrested all six accused in the case, namely – Indra Raj Gurjar, Mahesh Gurjar, Ashok Gurjar, Hansraj Gurjar, Chhote Lal Gurjar and Mukesh Gurjar. The survivor has also reportedly been paid compensation.



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