Meghalaya sets stringent guidelines for migrant workers

Cabinet approves draft rules as per recently passed law to check influx of migrant labourers

migrant workers

In September 2020, Meghalaya enacted the The Meghalaya Identification, Registration (Safety & Security) of Migrant Workers Act. On December 7, the state Cabinet approved the draft rules of the Meghalaya Identification, Registration (Safety & Security) of Migrant Workers Rule 2020 to prevent an unchecked influx of migrant workers in the state.

As per the new rules, migrant workers would be required to register themselves and obtain a registration card prior to engaging in any manner of work in the state. Any migrant worker or their employer found to be violating this rule will be fined. The Registering Officer is required to maintain a register with the Migrant worker’s local address, contact details, name and address of the owner of the establishment. The migrant worker’s Aadhaar or Election Photo Identity Card, permanent address and contact details of next kin would also be recorded.

Prestone Tynsong, Deputy Chief Minister in-charge Labour, told The Sentinel Assam, “The cabinet has approved the draft rules framed by the labour department. Once the rules are in place, the implementation for registration of labourers will immediately take off.”

The Act passed in September 2020, says, “Every Migrant Worker shall have to register himself/herself and obtain a separate Registration Card as issued under the provisions of this Act and rules made thereunder.” It adds, “It shall be the duty of every person, employing or engaging any Migrant Worker in any manner whatsoever to ensure the registration of such Migrant Worker failing which, the owner of any such establishment shall be liable to a fine which may extend to five thousand rupees.” Similarly, any migrant worker if found to be working in Meghalaya in violation of the law “shall be imposed with a fine which may extend to five hundred rupees.”

The entire Act may be viewed here:



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