Mewat Gang-Rape Victim Breaks Down While Narrating Horrific Incident

Mewat gang-rape victim breaks down while narrating the horrific incident to press in New Delhi on 7 Sep 2016. Civil rights activist Shabnam Hashmi and Rajya Sabha MP Ali Anwar Ansari consoled her. (Photo –

Two young Muslim girls, one of them minor, narrated the chilling account of their gang rape in Delhi yesterday, an incident that took place on the night of August 24-25, a week ago.  Last Wednesday (August 24), four-five persons, described of height and good build in the FIR, broke into their after midnight in Dingerheri village in Mewat district of Haryana, looted valuables and killed the couple Ibrahim and his wife Rashidan when they resisted the attack.

Minutes later, they broke into their relatives' home, about 200 metres away. There they tied another couple with the bed in the veranda and brutally beat them up. Then three of the robbers took turns to rape a minor girl and her married cousin who were sleeping in the room. The injured couple are admitted in a local hospital. The police have lodged FIR on the complaint of the gang-rape victims. The account as narrated in the First Information Report number 0247/2016 dated August 25, 2016 is horrific:

“I work as a domestic worker. I had come for the Bakri Eid festival from my in-laws place to the home of my parents. On the late night of August 24, I was sleeping with my family in the house. My uncle (chacha, name withheld), was sleeping outside in the courtyard and I was sleeping next to m cousin and her two children in the inside room. We heard shouts from outside. Suddenly four to fve men, two in baniyans and shorts, the others in pant shirt entered the room, They snatched away our dupatta(s) and tied up my uncle to the cot he was sleeping on. Then they beat him mercilessly. After this, they came into the inner room and then both my cousin sister and I were raped three times by three men. They kept demanding to know money eand jewellery was; one of them has a katta in their hand.They then searched the boxes etc in the house; emptied the barrel with grains, and then locked five of us into the room inside. They stole the motor cycle also. They were assaulting us between 12 midnight and 3 a.m. The men were speaking in ‘Jat Bhasha’ and were tall and board shouldered..

Somehow, my young relative (name withheld) reached to my grandfather sleeping outside near the tube well and informed him of the incident after which we were rescued.” Sabrangindia has a copy of the FIR.

Yesterday, the victims, escorted by human rights activist Shabnam Hashmi where they narrated their ordeal. The press conference was largely ignored by the national press. As soon as they began to narrate their ordeal, they broke into tears.



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