Minor girls scale 15-foot wall, escape Mumbai remand home

The girls, aged between 16 and 17, used tables and a ladder to scale the 15-foot boundary wall. Authorities believe that they wanted to go home for Diwali.

Mumbai remand home
Mumbai: Three minor girls scaled a 15- foot boundary wall to escape Dongri Children’s Home on Nov 2. The girls, aged between 16 and 17, used tables and a ladder to scale the wall. Authorities believe that they wanted to go home for Diwali.
One of them has returned voluntarily to the remand home while the others are still at large.
“The girl went straight to her Borivli home, but after her family didn’t allow her to stay with them, she went to local police station and informed them she had escaped from Dongri remand home and wanted to go back there. The Borivli police then brought her back,” said Trupti Jadhav-Sankpal, superintendent at Dongri Children’s Home in a report by Hindustan Times.
“The other two girls are yet to be traced. They were both recently admitted to the remand home. One is from Bihar and was found 10 days ago, at Dadar station by the Government Railway Police. The other is from Tamil Nadu and was found by a non-profit organisation at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) a few days ago,” the report said.
According to the police, on Friday evening, the three girls excused themselves saying they needed to go to the bathroom. They took a ladder that authorities believe was on the premises by the Public Works Department (PWD) and tried to use it to scale the 15-foot boundary wall.
“When they found it wasn’t tall enough, the girls pulled out a few tables, piled them up and perched the ladder on the tables. They walked on the boundary wall till they reached a spot where they could use a nearby tree to jump on to the roof of an adjoining public toilet and escape. Authorities of Dongri Children’s Home discovered the girls were missing when they didn’t return from the washroom and a head count was carried out to confirm this. They then informed the police who launched a manhunt. Senior inspector Sandeep Bhagdikar confirmed the incident and said no offence has been registered against the runaway girls. He said the correction home is conducting its own inquiry. The police said a fourth girl had also planned to run away, but abandoned the plan halfway,” the report said.
This is the fourth incident of children admitted to Dongri Children’s Home attempting an escape in 2018. In February, five boys attempted an escape in the same manner. The boys, aged between 12 and 16 years, had been brought to the shelter home after being rescued by NGOs and the police. They escaped due to the negligence of PWD officers who left their equipment in the shelter.
The remand home a juvenile correction facility for minors involved in petty crimes. There have been many instances of children escaping from the centre based in Umerkhadi, which has faced flak for not being able to provide basic facilities to juvenile offenders.
In October 2016, 10 children escaped a remand home in Matunga and three others ran away from a children’s home in Bhiwandi in August 2016 after attacking a security guard.



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