Misogynistic Manohar: 5 times sexist Haryana CM Khattar put his foot in his mouth

Congress leaders condemn remark, burn effigies of Khattar outside his office

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‘Foot in Mouth King’ Manohar Lal Khattar is at it again! He is notorious for his ‘anti-women’ remarks. He’s been pulled up by women and men alike for his misogynistic comments. Yet, he doesn’t stop!

Here are some statements by the Haryana CM that will make you squirm and question his legitimacy as the Chief of a major state in India.

1. Spewing venom against Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi, Khattar said, “After the defeat in the Lok Sabha election, Rahul (Gandhi) quit as the president and said Congress’s president will not be from the Gandhi family. Everyone welcomed this; as it signalled an end to dynasty politics. It was like khoda pahaad, nikli chuhiya, woh bhi mari hui…” where he likened Sonia Gandhi to a ‘dead rat’. While this remark sparked a lot of outrage amongst the Congress party, Twitter users took it upon themselves to teach M L Khattar a lesson, when they started trending #MaafiMaangoKhattar!

Chief Minister or Cheap Minister? You decide!

2. However, this is not the first time that Khattar has spewed out misogynistic and sexist statements against women.
Right after the abrogation of Article 370 in August, at a Beti Bachao Beti Padhao event, Khattar made the following statement:
“Earlier bahus used to come from Bihar but now we will bring girls from Kashmir.”

It’s Not Over Yet

3. Not just this, his disrespectful comments against women go way back. At another event last year, his remarks belittling rapes led to a controversy. He had said, “Sabse badi chinta yeh hai ki yeh ghatna ye in jo hain rape aur Chhed chhadki, 80-90% jankaroke beech mein hoti hai. Kafi samay ke liye ikhatte ghumte hain, ek din anban hogai, uss din uthakarke FIR karwa dete hain ‘isne mujhe rape kiya’”.

*Slow Clap* for Mr. Khattar for such a statement implying that most rape incidents are not to be taken seriously for they happen mostly between lovers who’ve ended up fighting or gone their separate ways.

Leader of Misogyny

4. Calling pre-marital sex “ultiseedhicheezein” and blaming girls for the rise in rapes he’d said, “If a girl is dressed decently, a boy will not look at her in the wrong way.”

When someone questioned him about youngsters having freedom of choice, he remarked, “If you want freedom, why don’t they just roam around naked? Freedom has to be limited. These short clothes are western influences. Our country’s tradition asks girls to dress decently.”

Khaps support honour killings, Manohar supports Khaps

5. His infamous remarks supporting the Khap Panchayat went something like this – “Khaps maintain the tradition of a girl and boy being brother and sister. They are just making sure that a girl and boy do not see each other in the wrong way. These rulings help prevent rapes too.”
Whatever Manohar Lal Khattar says is a deep reflection on not only his personal outlook, but a reflection on his party’s mentality. He has not been condemned by his party officials for any of his remarks and this just goes to show that the BJP has turned a deaf ear to the people and their preferences of such leaders not being included in the party.

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