Mizoram churches offer their halls to be used as quarantine centers as people return home

In the green zone, Mizoram, around 90 churches have already come on board to help the government


Churches in Mizoram have come to the rescue of the state government after it has been running pillar to post to arrange for quarantine facilities for stranded persons returning home during the coronavirus lockdown, The Indian Express reported.

The churches have agreed for their church halls to be used as quarantine facilities and some have agreed to even provide food for the period of institutional quarantine from their own funds. Among the churches that have offered their halls are the Presbyterian Church of India, Baptist Mission Church and Salvation Army. It has also been reported that the Presbyterian Church also lent the Synod Conference Hall and Revival Camping Centre at Durtland for a quarantine facility and that the Roman Catholic Church was also considering the state’s request.



Zoramthanga, the Chief Minister of Mizoram said, “And with the Churches strengthening their various spiritual and physical supports towards curbing this Covid-19 pandemic, #Mizoram just got restored again to one powerhouse of #Love #Peace and #Unity.”



Lalnunmawia Chuaungo, Chief Secretary of Mizoram said that the decision pertained to most church halls that were available with bigger churches keeping in mind the number of residents returning to the state. He also said that until now 90 churches had offered their premises, but the number could increase.

“Since May 4, around 2,000 people have returned, and we are expecting another 10,000 to return in the next few weeks,” he said. On Friday, 833 passengers de-boarded a special ‘shramik’ train coming from Chennai. As per rules, all the passengers entering the state via these trains will need to undergo institutional quarantine for 14 days.

The lockdown has been extended till May 31 in Mizoram. Chuaungo said, “While we are keen on extending the lockdown, we want certain relaxations, especially when it comes to commercial and economic activities.”

Though there has been no new case in the state after its only patient, 50-year-old pastor who had a travel history to Amsterdam recovered after a 45-day-fight with the virus, authorities however say it is too soon to say that the state is “Covid-free”. Health Minister Lalthangliana had earlier said, “While it is true that there are no active cases, we must remember that there are many people who have come into the state and are currently in quarantine and being tested.”

On Saturday, a release from the DIPR quoted Lalthangliana, reiterating this point: “Even though we have no COVID case, with Mizos from different parts of India returning home, we need to remember that our condition is as serious as before. If we take this lockdown lightly, we are in great danger as a state.”


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