Modesty is Not the Most Important Thing in My Relationship With God

why is so much emphasis placed upon the way a woman dresses? This is not to override the Qur’an and sunnah and the obligation for women to cover [which scholars already have a differing opinion on], but to ask why so much emphasis is placed upon this more so than being mentally stable, or being happy, or being dutiful to ones parents, or looking after the earth that Allah has given us, or being just and kind to ones own children.

Muslims Girls

I don’t ever see the Wallah Bros and Haram Police crying over the state of pollution and the rising number of people suffering from asthma, or the rising number of species falling on the endangered list. I don’t see any prominent Muslims speaking on the excessive amounts of meat many of the Muslim communities consume which, one, is abusive to our God-given bodies and, two, against the sunnah to eat so much meat and to buy into an industry that abuses animals endlessly.

All of this suffering in the world, and yet still such emphasis is placed by men upon how I choose to display my modesty, to the point where it makes me feel like less of a Muslim if I don’t wear my hijab. The mainstream Islamic narrative, the patriarchal interpretations and constant bickering about visible modesty (like the hijab), has inextricably linked our subconscious perception of faith to how well we can display it outwardly, on how well we can cover up.

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