“Modi has not yet become fakir, but has definitely turned 90% of country’s population into fakir”

In a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his ‘fakir’ remark, BSP supremo Mayawati today said his note ban decision has turned a majority of the country’s people into pauper but not him, and it will lead to BJP’s defeat in Uttar Pradesh.

“He (Modi) has not yet become a ‘fakir’, but has definitely turned 90 per cent of the country’s population into ‘fakir’.


“His demonetization decision has made the common people bankrupt,” she said addressing workers to mark the 61st death anniversary of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar at Ambedkar Saamajik Parivartan Sthal, a memorial built during her regime as a tribute to the Dalit icon.

Addressing BJP’s ‘Parivartan Yatra’ rally in Moradabad on Saturday where he had attacked Mayawati and others for opposing demonetization, Modi had said, “What can my opponents do to me? I am a fakir (hermit/pauper)… jhola ley kar chaley jayenge (I will exit with my little belongings).”

Taking potshots at the prime minister, Mayawati had reacted within hours, saying Modi is “bahut bade maldar” (very wealthy) and wondered how a “well-wisher of the affluent” can be a hermit.

The BSP supremo today said that the note ban decision has caused so much hardship to the people that they will not only vote against BJP, but ensure that the party is relegated to the fourth spot in the upcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.

“It is a travesty that people are being made to run from pillar to post to withdraw their own money,” she said, accusing Modi of adopting a “dictatorial attitude”.

Asserting that BSP was not against black money and corruption, Mayawati said her objection was to lack of proper planning before demonetisation.

Cautioning people against designs of BJP and RSS, Mayawati alleged that the saffron party together with RSS was trying to divide society on lines of Hindutva as they did not have faith in the secular Constitution framed by Ambedkar.

Seeking to woo backwards before the coming Assembly polls, Mayawati took credit for implementation of Mandal commission recommendations by the then VP Singh government.

The BSP supremo said that after Singh, the then Prime Minister, implemented the report as per the conditions laid down by her party in return for its support, BJP withdrew its prop bringing down the government.

The BSP president also alleged that Prime Minister Modi belonged to higher caste in Gujarat but in the post-Mandal scenario in 1994, he got his caste included in the OBC list to get backward votes.

“OBC ki vote ki khatir Modi ne apna chola hi badal diya (to garner votes, he became a turncoat),” she said adding that he has encroached upon the rights of the backwards and also betrayed them.

Going all out to woo Muslims, Mayawati said they have got their rights because of Ambedkar who carved out a secular Constitution which was, however, not liked by BJP and RSS.

“Now BJP and RSS want to change the secular Constitution and establish the old order of Hindutvadi caste based system,” she said.

She noted that the disputed Babri structure was also demolished on this day in 1992 by saffron forces to send a message that they do not believe in the Constitution framed by Ambedkar.

“It was because of a very petty mindset that the structure was demolished on this day to send a message that they do not believe in the secular Constitution of Ambedkar…BJP and RSS do not want anyone other than Hindus to lead a dignified life and their religious places to remain secure,” she said.

Courtesy: Janta Ka Reporter



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