Mohammed Siraj trolled for ‘thanking Allah’ after World Cup victory

As India won the T20 World Cup after 17 years, an ecstatic pacer Mohammed Siraj of team India was faced with trolling on a post celebrating the team’s victory. This news comes in the wake of a report from Gujarat, where a young Muslim man was mobbed to death during a cricket tournament after some locals were unhappy over too many Muslims being in the cricket teams.
Image: PTI

Indian cricket Mohammed Siraj is now being trolled after posting a tweet saying, “Thank you almighty Allah,” following India’s World Cup victory yesterday. Earlier in the morning, he had also shared a photo of the team lifting the trophy along with his tweet. While many congratulated him and the team, several trolls online started trolling him and making derogatory, Islamophobic posts.

The incident took place after India won their second T20 World Cup by defeating South Africa after 17 years on June 30th.

However, trolls did not spare Siraj despite the happy moment. One X user, named Chandan Sharma, even wrote, “its victory of Team India not Allah.”

Another seemingly anonymous user, with a verified account, commented “Allah was not playing  11.”

Another, verified account, going by the Sakshi Sonam commented, “Tum logon ka kaun sa yogdaan tha.”

Another user named Pankaj Yadav commented, “अल्लाह के बंदे खेले ही नहीं मैच में। अल्लाह के बंदे तो पहले ही हार कर अपने देश लौट चुके है। जीतने वाले सारे बंदे भगवान के है। ये जिहाद फैलाना बंद कर दे, वरना एक्स्ट्रा प्लेयर में भी जगह नहीं मिलेगी।” (Allah’s men did not play in the match, they have already lost and returned to their cuntry. The ones who have won are Bhagwan’s men. Stop spreading this jihad, otherwise you won’t even be taken as an extra player.”

In 2023, Siraj and another cricketer Umran Malik were trolled heavily, including by notorious hate speech giver Suresh Chavhanke, for refusing to have tilak applied to their foreheads.

The trolls did not point out that in the video two other cricketers, namely Vikram Rathour and Hari Prasad Mohan had also refused the tilak.

Meanwhile, in similar news, Sabrang India had covered how playing cricket does not just give a Muslim trolling, but how it also resulted in the death of a young Muslim man in  Chikhodara, Anand district, Gujarat, where a young man named Salman Hanifbhai was beaten to death after a game of cricket.

Salman had gone to save his friend, Shoaib who was beaten and attacked by two men. After trying to help, Salman himself was brutally beaten by around twenty men who used bats, sticks, and paddles. On his body were found stab wounds, brutal wounds from beating after his death. Reports have claimed that locals did not like that Muslims were doing well in the local tournament and the fact that several players, in both teams, were Muslims.



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