Month long NGO campaign launched against frenzy of organized communalism in India

A month-long campaign of a multitude of online and offline events  called Jana Gana Mana Abhiyan has been launched in an effort to re-vitalize citizens who take pride in India’s rich, diverse, plural cultural heritage and work towards a society based on constitutional values. 

Organised by a civil society platform, Bharat Jodo Abhiyan, which spans numerous people’s organizations across 15 states of India, its objective is to protect India’s multi-hued social fabric, highlight issues of social, economic, political justice and strive for equality and fraternity of all citizens, so that India’s democratic institutions are defended and constitutional values are preserved.

Organised with Lok Sabha elections in mind, Jana Gana Mana Abhiyan is rooted in the conviction that the present plan of organized communal frenzy must not be allowed to overshadow our civilizational heritage of co-living and the constitutional design of India’s democratic, secular republic. The Abhiyan believes that an overwhelming silent majority of Indians desire peaceful and harmonious co-living but in the present climate they are denied an opportunity to express their convictions. Hence, in this critical year for our nation’s destiny, this campaign attempts to connect all such citizens so that the public sphere is reclaimed.

The campaign is from 3rd to 30th January 2024. It includes events and activities to celebrate a) iconic founders like Swami Vivekanand, Savitribai Phule, ,Babasaheb Ambedkar, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Mahatma Gandhi, b) festivals that are celebrated across communities like Lohri and Sankranti and c) events that recall our common struggles for equality, fraternity  liberty and justice for all.

The activities planned for the campaign include videos, posters, challenges, on-line and face-to-face local events which will help revive discussions around the ideals of the community we had imagined and re-kindle aspirations towards realizing our cherished values.

Overwhelming silent majority desires peaceful and harmonious co-living but in the present climate they are denied the opportunity

The entire campaign has a national missed call number of 7877722353 in addition to state level and local numbers that like-minded citizens can dial to join the movement.

“The country is witnessing a frenzy of organized communalism which has got nothing to do with maryaada or aastha or dharma but is a brazen attempt to polarize voters on religious lines in the run up to the critical 2024 national elections. At this fork-on-the-road, civil society, represented by Bharat Jodo Abhiyan (BJA) would like to remind Indian citizens and society of the nation’s strengths and assets: its immortal founders, incomparable heritage, diverse peoples and their varied cultures. We invite all like-minded citizens who take pride in our progressive, inclusive civilization and are committed to our constitutional values of fraternity, liberty, equality and justice to give us a missed call on 7877722353. We invite them to become co-travellers in this mission of unity and progress, for a healthy – inclusive, truth-seeking, forward-looking, and compassionate – society. We call upon them to join this vital mission to reclaim the republic”, said BJA in a press release.

Among those who are leading the campaign are Yogendra Yadav and Vijay Mahajan, convenors of the Bharat Jodo Abhiyan, Kavitha Kuruganti, national secretary, and Kamayani Swami, national working group member.




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