Monu Manesar not an accused in Junaid Nasir murder

The Rajasthan Police released a list of the accused which does not feature Bajrang Dal leader and leader of the gang of cow vigilantes or Gau Rashaks who terrorise people over cow protection

Junaid Nasir

The embers of the double murder of the two Muslim men from Rajasthan allegedly involving Bajrang Dal leader Monu Manesar are fast spreading. From calls for support for the accused to obstructing the police from doing the investigation to threatening the police, this case has seen it all.

Rajasthan Police released a list of 8 persons identified as accused in the case and Monu’s name is missing from the list. This is questionable since Monu was one of the initial suspects in the case considering he is the leader of cow vigilantes in Haryana and any such cow vigilantism would not have occurred without his cognizance.

Villagers protest

Now, the villagers of Ghatmeeka village where the deceased hailed from are staging a protest as no arrests have been made in the case after the one arrest of Rinku Saini. In the video they called for banning Bajrang Dal and to sentence the culprits of Junaid and Nasir to death.



The family of Junaid and Nasir have alleged that they are being pressured to accept Rs. 15 lakh as compensation and a contractual job for a family member.  It has been pointed out that Rs. 50 lakh compensation was given to the family of Kanhaiya lal (a tailor who was murdered after allegedly sharing a post in support of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma); even government jobs were offered to his sons.

Support for Monu Manesar

On the flip side, people rose in support of Monu Manesar who is believed to be one of the suspects in the case. His supporters refuse to believe that Monu could have been involved in killing anyone. They say that Monu is a revolutionary and if cows were not being killed in the country then we would not need a Monu Mensar. One man said, “Har ghar se Monu niklega (There will be a Monu from every house)”



A gathering organised in support of Monu, in Hathin, Palwal in Haryana warned Mewat (a muslim majority area) that just like Hanuman burned down Lanka, Mewat will also face similar consequences. The speaker said that the society is with Monu.



While Rinku Saini has been arrested and is in custody 8 other accused have been identified. Accused Anil and Shrikant are residents of Nuh. While Kalu Kaithal, Monu Rana Bhiwani, Vikas Jind, Shashikant Karnal, Gogi belong to Bhiwani. However, the name of Monu Manesar is conspicuously missing from the list of accused. Is it a result of the pressure from the right wing groups rallying in support of Monu? The mahapanchayat held in Manesar clearly said that if Rajasthan Police comes to Manesar to arrest Monu or harass others, they will not go back on their legs.

During the Haryana Budget session, opposition MLAs raised the Junaid-Nasir case and raised questions on involvement of the police as well as Monu in the murder.


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