More males affected than females; people of 21-30 years of age suffer more from Covid-19: MEDD report

The Medical Education and Drugs Department (MEDD) issues weekly reports about the details of Covid-19 cases in India

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The Medical Education and Drugs Department (MEDD) has issued a report with trends of daily Covid-19 cases in India. Currently positive cases in India have reached 4,442 and the death toll has reached 109.

Maharashtra has the highest number of cases at 805, followed by Tamil Nadu at 571, Delhi at 533, Telangana at 378, Uttar Pradesh at 305 and Kerala at 295. Rajasthan stands at 274, Andhra Pradesh at 226 and Madhya Pradesh at 215.

The report mentions that age wise distribution in Maharashtra. Out of 490 cases as of Sunday, 94 were in the age bracket of 21-30 years, 102 in the 31-40 years bracket and 109 in the 41-50 years bracket. The bracket of 60 above made for 82 cases.

According to the report, 63 percent or 308 patients were male and 37 percent or 182 patients were female.

The report said that 17 percent or 84 cases were travelers who had returned from Covid-19 countries, mostly UAE and USA, 12 percent or 60 were their contacts, while the information of 300 cases (61 percent) was awaited.

Mumbai had the highest number of cases at 378, followed by Pune at 82 and Thane at 77. The largest spike in cases was registered on April 5 when the state of Maharashtra reported 148 new positive cases. This was the 28th day since the first positive cases reported on March 9.

Out of the 14,207 samples tested in Maharashtra, 97 percent tested to be negative.










9026 (92.08)

4691 (99.78)

13717 (94.58)


480 (4.88)

10 (0.22)

490 (3.38)


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289 (2.04)

Out of those tested, 53 (11 percent) had been discharged, 26 (5 percent) had passed away, 12 (3 percent were critical), 349 (71 percent) were asymptomatic and 50 (10 percent) were symptomatic.

Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Secretary MEDD, told the Hindustan Times that the asymptomatic cases have surged as the government has begun to trace and test all the contacts also of those who have been tested positive.

The spike in cases of non-travellers spiked on April 4, the 27th day. While the case fatality rate across the world was 5.41 percent, the same in India was 2.42 percent and in Maharashtra was 5.04 percent, almost at par with the world fatality rate.

Week on week, cases grew in India, with 1,112 cases in the 9th week. In the same week, USA registered 103,321 cases, France 28,786 and China 81,077 cases.

It was on the 63rd day of the outbreak that India reached 2,000 cases unlike China which reached the same number on the 6th day, Korea on the 39th day, USA on the 56th day, Italy on the 33rd day, Spain on the 52nd day and Iran on the 14th day.

The report by MEDD for the week of March 30 – April 5 may be read below.


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