Most non-Muslims consider Muslims least patriotic among Indians: Survey report

Paradoxically, most also agree Muslims are falsely implicated in terror cases

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A Lokniti-CSDS-APU/KPS first round survey report conducted among youth during 2016 focussing on the four states of Gujarat, Haryana, Odisha and Karnataka, published in the Indian Express Monday and Tuesday has thrown up some disturbing findings as regards perceptions about Indian Muslims.

According to the survey findings most non-Muslims considers Muslims as the least patriotic among Indian Muslims.

Interestingly, while Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs consider themselves the most patriotic, Christians think Hindus are more patriotic than their own community. Sikhs have the greatest doubts about the patriotic credentials of Muslims and Christians.  

Paradoxically, however, most also seem to agree that Muslims are falsely implicated in terror cases.

A majority of the Hindus, Sikhs and youth overall agree that Muslims are falsely implicated while Christians have a different view.

The BJP is unlikely to be very pleased with the finding that while they figure on top of the most preferred list, only 20% of the respondents gave them the thumbs-up.

As to their attitude towards religion, every third youth is either very highly religious or highly religious.

On issues of greatest concern to them, unemployment, poverty and economic equality and corruption are issues of greatest concern to the youth, in that order, while casteism and communalism find their place way down the list.

As regards the ideas and attitudes on related issues, most of the respondents disagree with what are considered liberal values.

What should be a matter of great concern is the finding thst more than 80% of the respondent youth are highly anxious or somewhat anxious about their future.

Read the full report of the first round survey published by the Indian Express on Monday here and on Tuesday here




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