A mother writes an open letter to PM, says she was forced to leave India because of Modi

Mr. Prime Minister,

I’m sure you are majaa ma. I’m writing to you thinking that probably if at all you are left with an iota of sharam you would step down as prime minster and let someone more dignified, educated, non controversial and humane lead us the way.

Wish our constitution gave us powers as citizens to topple governments who are so hell bent upon creating intolerance, mass murders, apathy and hatred amongst fellow Indians for their interests.

It makes me so sad to see how India is making headlines for all the wrong bloody reasons and not a word spoken by you. You have taken my India to the dark ages.

I am a practicing Hindu but don’t believe in consuming gau mutra to pronounce myself pure. I don’t skin people alive who prefer eating beef and not vegetables and dal. Oops forgot dal is costlier than beef. You aren’t someone who should be heading a country, where none of your acts project that you believe in a democracy.

You have indeed time and time again shown what a mediocre, narrow minded approach you have held in dealing with nation in the most difficult times and also being mute about it as always.

Unrest in Kashmir, Dalit lynching, Akhlaq, murders, corruption, and many like Adani’s and Ambanis who have your hand on their heads as saviour and protector. I, like any other Indian, had hoped for better governance considering UPA had failed to do so in many aspects but never did we expect to see an India that you have made today.

I’m sure we were better off with UPA for it did not run the country on an RSS ideology, it gave us dal but not priced at Rs.200 per kilo. It gave us corrupt officials but not as corrupt and devious as you and people in your party.

Fortunately I feel more safe at the place where I am today far far away from your peering eyes but feel so sad to see my fellow Indians suffering and waking up to another horrendous day. My husband indeed was right when he told me while we were in India for a year that he didn’t feel safe and I would calmly tell him it’s all in his head and that he shouldn’t worry.

As the situation deteriorated in my India and while I was enjoying what I had missed for so many years being away from my India he was feeling fearful, restless and anxious to be in a place which he so wanted to call his own but just couldn’t.

But one day he pulled me close to him and said, I think it’s time we leave and please don’t say no. I tried explaining to him how great it would be if we would just be a little patient and not over react.

But as time passed my India grew more intolerant not because it wanted to but because some people assigned by you and you yourself made it happen like that.

Though I must admit everyone is not like you and they don’t form opinions based on religion, nationality or caste as some were extra cordial and some sanghis would make sure he is uncomfortable and that’s the truth.

Finally, my only choice was to agree with my husband and the day came when we left India. He had a sigh of relief when the plane touched down in another part of the world, which we would now call home.

I’d never seen him so relaxed in a long long time. Today we know and appreciate freedom. We can eat anything, we are not afraid of anyone anymore. Our daughter is not so happy leaving behind beautiful memories, friends and school but she is getting along as we make it a point to spend more time with her not asking her to give up the hope of going to a better India where she might live in one day and can call it a home.

A home, free from destruction, vile and treacherous people and have someone who would lead mine and her India in a more dignified, humane way letting all live peacefully. After all it is our birth right. I never wanted to leave my India but you made me do it for my family’s safety.

I shall wait anxiously for the day when you are defeated in 2019 and I promise you Mr. Prime Minister. You or your RSS goons will not be able to ever compete or win an election to form a government for a very long time and that probably will be a day of homecoming for us.

P.S. Please publish this open letter for Indians all over the world to read. Hope it will give hope to a lot of many like me who would want to return home with family to live peacefully in a land we always knew as a secular democratic India.

(The author, who contacted us has requested to remain anonymous fearing for reprisals for her family in India. Views expressed here are her own and jantakareporter.com doesn’t subscribe to them)

Courtesy: jantakareporter.com



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