MP Adivasis piece their lives together following forced eviction

After destruction of settlement by a mob, that allegedly enjoyed the backing of police personnel present on the spot, Adivasis of this hamlet in Khandwa are demanding justice


Over 200 Adivasis in Negaon-Jamniya region of Madhya Pradesh lost their houses, rations, fields and material belongings on July 10, 2021 during an illegal eviction. A mob looted, assaulted and illegally contained the indigenous families. Enraged, the Adivasis are now demanding justice for this gross violation of their rights. The following is a photo feature depicting the grave injustice. All images courtesy Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan (JADS).

AdivasiOn Saturday, 40 families of Bhil and Barela tribes tried to protect their homes and belongings from a mob of nearby villagers, who attacked them, allegedly with the blessings of police and forest officials.


AdivasiVillagers had until then lived under the bitter-sweet assurance that a court order protected them from eviction until July 15.


AdivasiMore than anything, families knew their rights to the land under the Forest Rights Act 2006.


AdivasiAfter July 10, villagers have vehemently demanded compensation from the government for allowing a gross violation of their constitutional rights.


AdivasiThese days, the community still lives amid the ruins of their homes. The fields in the background were sprayed with poisonous chemicals.


AdivasiJADS demanded an explanation as to why government officials were even accompanied by a frenzied mob that laid waste to land.


AdivasiWhat is left in the small hamlet now are battered and bent remains of homes destroyed in the attack.


AdivasiJADS estimated that in terms of livestock, over 300 chickens, 16 goats and one calf were killed in the mob attack.


AdivasiFurther, families mourned a loot of 130 quintals of food grains, Rs. 63,800 in cash, a shop worth Rs 80,000, Rs.12,000 worth of jewellery.


AdivasiDevastated by the incident, the community is only left with the clothes on their back and a week-long pending demand for justice against this destruction.



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