MP: BJP MLA allegedly kidnaps, attacks local journalist Ravi Gupta

Gupta claims that the MLA was present during the assault by his supporters


Katni’s local journalist Ravi Gupta in Madhya Pradesh on May 27, 2022 accused local BJP MLA and former Minister Sanjay Pathak of kidnapping, thrashing and threatening his family members with sexual assault.

According to a letter written by Gupta to the Superintendent of Police (SP), the journalist was forced into a car and taken to a local restaurant on May 23 night. On this day, a Mahanadi Bachao Abhiyan press conference was organised at Indian Coffee House wherein Pathak was accused of illegal mining. Gupta reported the same on his YouTube channel.

Later at 1 AM a persona named Anuj Tiwari forced Gupta into a car already seating three men. At the restaurant, the journalist met Pathak along with 12-15 people. There Gupta was allegedly beaten, assaulted with sharp weapons, nearly killed by hanging and finally threatened with a gun to his head.

Gupta claimed he was made to sign blank documents and told not to mention this incident to anyone. Failing this, they threatened to sexually assault the women in his family before killing them all. Further, they warned him from criticising Pathak in his work. Otherwise, he will be falsely implicated for crimes.

Having survived this ordeal, the journalist tried to approach the district police station for three days. However, the police officers appeared to be scared of filing a complaint against Pathak.

“If something happens to me or my family, today or in future, then the sole responsibility lies with Saajay Pathak and his supporters. If there is no investigation against them in the next three days, then I’ll be forced to consider suicide, for which the administration will hold the sole responsibility,” he said in his letter to the SP.

However, the SP told news channels like ABP Live that he did not receive such a letter from Gupta. Meanwhile, the victim told IANS that the SP refused to meet with him on learning about Pathak’s alleged role.

Additional Superintendent of Police Manoj Kedia said that he learnt about the matter from social media. While stating that the police will look into the case, Kedia claimed there are many fake journalists in the city.


On social media, journalists have taken to resharing Gupta’s letter, condemning the local police for their stand in the matter. As per his letter, police officers said they only want to do their job and not fight with Pathak. It is worth considering whether protecting Gupta’s rights comes within police duties.


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