MP: A group of 4-5 men stabbed an Imam while he was on his bike

A police complaint has been made, stern action against the criminals has been demanded

attack on imamImage: Twitter

A new incident of hate crime against the individuals from the Muslim community has been reported from Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. A local Imam named Hafiz Huzefa was on his way to the mosque when 3 men threw chili powder in his eyes & stabbed him in the chest, as per his own account. As per the information provided, while running away, the same men also allegedly stabbed another Muslim youth in the chest.

A video has been uploaded on social media that provides the narrative of imam Hafiz Huzefa. As provided by him, he was riding his bike, with his friend sitting behind him, and was on his way to the Mosque to lead the Namaz. As he was taking a turn near Anjani Talkies, a group of 4-5 men was standing there. The men then took out their knives and stabbed Imam Hafiz on his chest. Imam Hafiz did not even realize that he had been stabbed. The friend that was sitting behind him asked Imam Hafiz to check where he had been hurt. When he checked the area where he was feeling some pain, he saw that the shirt was torn and the wound was bleeding. He was then rushed to the hospital by his friend.

The video can be viewed here: 


An FIR has also been filed in the case. The FIR provides that there was no altercation between the victim and the perpetrators prior to the stabbing. The victim has asserted that he can identify the perpetrators who had stabbed him, and urged for an immediate investigation in this case.

The FIR can be read here:



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