Mumbai police withdraw ‘externment notices’ against activists, students

Police had earlier served these notices to those who had participated in the ‘Occupy Gateway’ and Hutatma Chowk protests


Mumbai Police are in the process of withdrawing externment notices that had been previously issued to students and activists who had protested the January 5 violence at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) as well as the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The protests took place in Mumbai on January 6, 2020, at two locations; Gateway of India and Hutatma Chowk. Following this, three police stations; MRA Marg, Colaba and Tardeo, issued notices under sections 107 (security for keeping the peace) and 110 (security for good behaviour from habitual offenders). As per the terms of the bond, if these people engage in any act that threatens law and order, it would lead to not only confiscation of the surety amount, but also externment from the city! This effectively discourages them from being part of peaceful protests in future, and is thus a violation of the rights to freedom of speech and expression and the right to protest.

Such notices had reportedly been served to as many as 25 people including college students, cultural activists and human rights defenders. The most shocking case was that of Suvarna Salve, a college student and cultural activist who is a part of Samta Kala Manch, who was asked to sign a bond for Rs 50 lakh! 

Now, The Wire reports that police have initiated a process to withdraw said notices. Last week, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Azad maidan division withdrew notices against eight people including Suvarna Salve. ACP Milind Khetle who is heading the proceedings told The Wire that police are in the process of closing the file on others too, however, he did not confirm grounds for doing the same.  


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