Mumbai Rapper Asks Civic Authorities – “Patri Pool Kab Banega?”

Rap song draws attention to plight to Kalyan residents, tardiness of civic authorities

“Vote milega usey jo Patri Pool banayega,” rapped Ravig as he slammed the Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC) for delaying the construction of the Patri Pool bridge.

The Patri Pool bridge, a 104-year-old structure, was dismantled in August last year after a joint structural audit by the engineers of the Central Railways, KDMC and IIT Bombay. According to the civic authorities, the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge was to be completed over the next four months.

However, a year later, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) and KDMC are yet to begin its construction.

Ravig’s song highlights the problems commuters face in Kalyan due to the incomplete construction of the Patri Pool bridge. Some residents even claim that the authorities have abandoned the work.

“Badi badi baatein karte, jaise ye Maharaj hain, Patri Pool kab banega ye bahut badaraaz hai”, he laments with contempt.

The bridge was a crucial link between Navi Mumbai and the suburb, as well as the eastern and western parts of the city. In prompt action to the structural audit, the bridge was closed for traffic last year. A two-lane bridge, the Tisai Bridge was then opened for vehicular movement.

Directly touching the heart of the youth of the city, Ravigsang, “Main toh ladega is rap ki awaaz se” calling in question the promises of the officials in this catchy number. Residents of Kalyan came out in support of Ravig’s musical protest by sharing his song and demanding action on social media.


The people of Kalyan seem to have spoken. Sharing the video with their peers in the community, they have vowed to boycott all elections till the bridge is not reconstructed. The authorities promised to make Kalyan a ‘smart city’ but have clearly failed to deliver.

The community had also filed a petition asking locals to push the KDMC to complete the construction by August this year. But to no avail. As the locals cry hoarse about their mental agony, financial loss and loss of valuable time, will the officials step up to relieve them of their grievances or will this plea too, like the others, fall on deaf ears?

Meanwhile, the deadline for the completion of the Patri Pool bridge has reportedly been extended to February 2020.



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