Mumbai: Shiv Sena leader granted bail, as son arrested for alleged case of hit and run

Shiva Sena (Eknath Shinde camp) leader Rajesh Shah’s son Mihir Shah has reportedly crashed his BMW into two people, following which the woman was dragged around the wheel of the car for about 1.5 km. Earlier absconding, Mihir Shah has now been arrested by the Mumbai Police.

In Mumbai, a BMW car reportedly driven by Mihir Shah hit a woman named Kaveri Nakhwa. Kaveri lost her life after being hit by while riding a two-wheeler with her husband Pradeep in Worli. The driver of the BMW, Mihir Shah, allegedly fled the scene, leaving behind Rajrishi Bidawat, who has since been arrested, as per PTI. Shah had been reportedly absconding until he was arrested on July 8th. The police have also arrested some 12 other people in the case, as per News18

The Mumbai Police had reportedly made 6 teams to find him and had also given an order barring him from leaving the country.  

According to police reports, Mihir Shah’s father, Rajesh Shah, a Shiv Sena leader from Palghar. Rajesh Shah reportedly even helped his son escape and planned to remove the vehicle from the scene. Kaveri was reportedly brutally dragged by the car for over a distance of 1.5 kms. Her husband Pradeep was also injured in the incident. The police have told in court, as per NDTV, that the driver was ‘well aware’ of his actions. 

As per News18, Kaveri’s husband, Pradeep had told the media that he was shouting at the scene of the incident to stop the car, ‘but he did not listen to me.’ 

Reports have stated that the Mumbai Police told the court that Kaveri Nakhwa was pulled off the bonnet of the BMW car and placed on the road by Bidawat and Shah. The car also reportedly ran over her again as they reversed the car.  

As per a report by Hindustan Times, Rajesh Shah arrived at the scene in a Mercedes, spoke briefly with Mihir Shah, and advised him to escape. Later, Rajesh Shah arranged to take the BMW away from the location. Rajesh Shah is a member of the Eknath Shinde faction of the Shiva Sena. He was also arrested after the incident for not cooperating with the police but was soon granted bail by a Mumbai court. 

Earlier this year, a similar incident took place in Pune where a juvenile in a Porsche was accused of hitting two IT professionals while driving. The accused was the son of a prominent builder named Vishal Agarwal. Agarwal reportedly made huge efforts to make sure that his son was not prosecuted for the case of alleged rash driving and hitting the two people. The case raised a huge uproar about corruption and how the rich and famous are exempt from the rule of law. 


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