Muslim bullied at Madina for his Indian Islamic practice

Noticing a thread tied around the old man’s wrist, the protagonist, Shaikh Muzaffar Madni, ridiculed the practice and said it was a “non-Muslim practice” he had imbibed

A video has been uploaded by one Shaikh Muzaffar Madni on May 23 where he can be seen bullying an elderly, wheelchair bound Indian Muslim man how his practices are non-Islamic and that he is following the path of non-Muslims or gair-Muslims.

The video has been shot at Al-Masjid An-Nawabi in Madina, Saudi Arabia.

A man called Shaikh Muzaffar Madni was seen towering over an old man from Rajasthan questioning him over his religious practices from India. Madni was questioning the wheelchair bound old man about a thread around his wrist. The old man said that someone had tied this ‘Kundewa’ (thread) to his wrist at Imam Hussain dargah. He asked where he is from, to which the old man said he is from Kota, Rajasthan. Madni then asked him are they (the Imam and others) Shias or Sunnis? The old man said they were Sunni to which Madni said but only Shias commemorate Muharram.

Then he told the old man, “this thread is given to Hindus in temples and the same thread has been given to you by a Muslim. There is no thread in Islam. If there were thread in Islam then you would get the thread at this Darbar as well.”

Thread is for non-Muslims he said while a man standing behind the old man broke the thread from the old man’s wrist with his teeth. He continued, “Thread is for those who follow the path of non-Muslims. After this don’t use such threads.” He then held the old man’s hands in his and said, “Allah has saved you from a great sin in Madina here. Ask for forgiveness from Allah. There is no thread of Imam Hussain. This is just a non-Muslim way.” He then made the old man apologise to Allah.

The video can be viewed here:

Different sects of Islam have their own interpretations of scriptures, however, what binds them is the similarities and not the differences. The sufi and bhakti movements over several centuries in the India subcontinent have created a more tolerant and peaceful society in India, its influence has not only bridged the differences among various sects of islam but also united Hindus and Muslims of India.

This incident reflects a form of religious vigilantism and bullying by Shaikh Muzaffar Madni in Saudi Arabia.


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