Muslim councillor from Meerut hands over cow to Police, says “it is a dangerous animal”

Fed up by the constant attacks on Muslims across the country in the name of so-called cow protection, a Muslim from Meerut-Abdul Gaffar Khan-handed over his cow to the local police station.


In an exclusive conversation with, Khan said, “I felt horrible doing this…this cow came to me as a calf and I have reared it since to the present time where it a fully grown cow. It is very dear to me, but given the present circumstances where Muslims are attacked on such a consistent basis, I believe that it is a dangerous animal for a Muslim to keep. I am scared and hence decided to hand over the cow.”

Confirming the decision of Khan, Nechandi Police Station-in charge Sanjay Kumar said that two people who had bought cows were harassed and beaten by members of right-wing Hindu organisations. Even the people who sold the cow were harassed by the same people, following which Khan, who is the local councillor, decided to take the step.

According to Azeez, one of the buyers, “we bought two cows from Mannu Singh and asked him to drop the cows at the dairy since it was dangerous for us to transport them. However, members of the Bajrang Dal attacked us regardless and we were taken to the local police station. The attackers were led by BJP councillor Rohit Rohilla. The police failed to take action despite the fact that we had a receipt of the payment of Rs 34,000 signed by both parties. One of the cows was eight months pregnant while the other was five months pregnant. Both the cows were confiscated from us.”

It was this incident that led to Khan submitting his cow to the police station as a form of protest.

Khan further added, “The cow is now too dangerous an animal for Muslims….everywhere in the country, Muslims are attacked by so-called Gau Rakshaks and the police and administration side with the attackers. I request the police to take the cow and hand it over to the Gau Rakshaks.”

Courtesy: Two Circles



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