Muslim youth from Bihar beaten to death in Rajasthan

A young Muslim man named Afsar Ali, who worked as a tailor in Rajasthan, was beaten to death after he reportedly asked a driver who brushed past him on the road to drive carefully.
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A 24 year old Muslim man named Afsar Ali was beaten to death in Rajasthan’s Bhiwadi on January 2nd. According to the local police, Ali was brutally thrashed by three assailants in the aftermath of a car incident that occurred on Tuesday in the Ghatal area of Phulbagh.

Tailors by profession, Ali and his friend Tuhibul Ansai were on their way back to their tailoring shop after a meal. It was during this walk that a passing car, occupied by three men, allegedly brushed against the duo. Newspaper reports reveal that Ali told the drivers of the car to drive carefully, however, the minor incident escalated to alarming levels as the three men reversed the car back to the two and got out and started beating Ali and Tohibul. Tohibul details that Ali was beaten on the head brutally. The police has stated that the duo was rushed to a local hospital. However, despite medical help, the doctors pronounced him dead. The authorities conducted a post-mortem examination on Ali’s body before releasing it to his grief-stricken relatives the following day.

According to the Deccan Herald, the ASP Dilip Saini has confirmed that one of the alleged culprits, a man named Ashish had been apprehended by the police. Ashish was identified through the examination of the car’s registration number after it was identified through CCTV footage. The police have registered a case against the trio under sections 302 (murder) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

A video capturing the event surfaced, revealing a brutal beating of the youth with a stick, showing the youth being brutally beaten and dealt blows with a stick 10 times in a mere 55 seconds. The eyewitnesses to the incident and the friend of the youth find themselves traumatised in the aftermath of the shocking event.

After the accident, the family of the deceased has reported inaction by the authorities. According to a report by Bhaskar, when the family of the deceased urged the police to apprehend the perpetrators, they were met with the response, “Take the deceased body to Bihar first, then we’ll take action.” The relatives have claimed that the police are shielding the accused.

Tohibul, the companion of the deceased who managed to escape the fatal attack, shared that they rented a room in the Imamuddin Colony of Ghatal village in Bhiwadi. The deceased was originally from Begusarai, Bihar and was earning his livelihood through tailoring. He narrates a horrifying sight from the incident, that even when the attack took place no one stepped forward to intervene and save the young man.


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