Must-watch: video messages for Gurmehar from across the border!

First, watch this video from Gurmehar Kaur, sadly it is “pollution” for the regime.. Watch it, judge yourself and share it

Gulmehar pleads here to stop the politics of HATE! Unfortunately our regime thrives using it. Natural that they bounced like vultures!

Then we have icons and celebrities who will bootlick the feet of regime for obvious reasons! It’s their opportunity to show where loyalty lies.

We have media court jesters who bends the criticism like don’t deny FoE to poor celebrities, they too human, please please let them speak.

It’s a silent but steady and solid revolt, the youth of the country started speaking fearlessly.. Don’t try to twist their windpipes!

Here the discussions are bludgeoned with a weapon of “nationalism” which is nothing but the bigotry & parochial view of the regime.

For the ‘sauve’ lawyer turned back door Minister of Finance Jaitley, the uprising of the students is nothing but “alliance of subversion”.

Finally the video posted by @mehartweets is not riddled with acronyms and alliterations.. There is no post truths.. It’s deep from her heart.

Now watch this video from Pakistan as a response to @mehartweets. Compare that with the response of our Ministers.

And here is another one –



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