Nadella on CAA: “Would love to see Bangladeshi immigrant create the next unicorn in India”

He also said that the current situation in India was “bad” and “sad”

Satya nadella

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) IT Cell has awoken once again. This time, in response to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s statement on the Modi government’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Calling the current happenings in India as ‘sad’ and ‘bad’ at a Microsoft event he said, “I would love to see a Bangladeshi immigrant who comes to India and creates the next unicorn in India, or becomes the CEO of Infosys, that should be the aspiration, if I had to sort of mirror what happened to me in the US, I hope that’s what happens in India.


However, to make Satya Nadella’s statement politically correct, Microsoft India issued a slightly altered version of his original statement.



But, by then the backlash was simmering against this statement, had bubbled over and spilt on social media.






Yet, many people, including noted historian Ramachandra Guha who was detained in Bangalore for staging peaceful protests against the CAA, reiterated his stand.





Before Nadella, a group of techies under the name TechAgainstFascism from companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, etc had written an open letter urging business leaders like Sundar Pichai, Mukesh Ambani and even Nadella to publicly denounce the “fascist acts” by the Indian government. About the CAA, the letter said, “The Act is political and electoral towards building a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, while excluding persecuted Tamil Muslims from Sri Lanka, Ahmadiyya and Hazara Muslims from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar.”

Nadella’s statement, however, just reaffirms that the anti-CAA-NPR-NRC protests that have been raging for over a month now, have attracted international attention. More than 25 people have lost their lives in these protests, most due to police brutalities unleashed on protesters.


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