Nagaland steps one step closer to lasting peace

NSCN (K)’s Sumi faction declares ceasefire in the interest of furthering peace talks

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On Wednesday, a faction of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Khaplang) or the NSCN (K) led by Niki Sumi declared a ceasefire indicating its desire to rejoin peace talks in the region.

In a statement issued by the group, Sumi said that they wanted to “strengthen and support the peace process at this crucial juncture”.

The statement said, “Our leaders have established contact with the officials of government of India in this connection. To facilitate the process and keeping in view the desire of the Naga people particularly Naga civil society organisations and NGOs, the NSCN has further decided to revive the ceasefire with immediate effect by revoking the earlier decision of unilateral abrogation of the ceasefire in 2015.”

The NSCN (K) led by SS Khaplang, had joined the peace process as far back as 2001, but backed out following a violent altercation with Indian security forces in 2015, where 18 soldiers were killed in Manipur. Sumi was the main accused in the incident. After Khaplang’s death in 2017, Khango Konyak became president of the NSCN (K). But Konyak joined the Naga National Political Groups (NNPG) in 2019. NNPG is a collection of seven Naga groups who along with NSCN (IM) or the Isak-Muivah faction have been at the center of peace talks with the center.

Konyak was replaced as chairman of NSCN (K) by Myanmar based Yung Aung who is related to Khaplang. Sumi was expelled in July and started leading his own faction that elected him president on December 18.

NSCN (IM) joined peace talks in 2015. Talks have been progressing slowly, but the demand for a separate flag and Constitution has led to a setback. 

Meanwhile, the National Investigative Agency (NIA) has filed a chargesheet against five members of the NSCN (IM) on charges of diverting government funds meant for development to the insurgent group. Five people who have been named in the chargesheet are: Rayilung Nsarangbe, LamciIralu, Zingshongam Muinao, Ruth Chawang, and Ramningle Pame. They have been charged under Section 120B of IPC, section 17,18 and 21 of the UA (P) Act, section 5 (b) of the Explosive Substance Act, Section 25 (1A) read with 35 of Arms Act, section 7 and 8 of Nagaland Security Regulation (NSR), Section 12 of Passport Act and Section 6 of Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act.



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