Names of several serving Jawans ‘Missing’ from Assam NRC

The names of several jawans from a single village in Barpeta district have not appeared in theNational Registry of Citizens (NRC) list that was published on August 31, reports NDTV

Assam NRC
Names of several jawans from a village in Barpeta have not appeared in National Registry of Citizens: NDTV Photo

Barpeta, Assam: There is a village in Barpeta district of Assam known as Fauji Gaon (the village of defence personnel). Of the 200 families who live in this village, there are families from which over 20 jawans have been posted in the Indian Army and its paramilitary forces. Tragically, the names of several of these jawans from this village have not appeared in the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) list that was published on August 31. 

For example, some members of Dilbar Hussain’s family have not found their names in the NRC list. Dilbar Hussain is serving in the Army, while his younger brother Mizanur Ali is in the CISF. Names of both Mr Hussain and Mr Ali have not appeared in the citizens’ list. However, the name of Saidul Islam’s –the eldest brother of the two — has appeared in the list. Mr Saidul Islam is the eldest brother of Mr Hussain, who is a subedar in Army and had fought in the Kargil War.  

Talking about the contentitious process, Mr Hussain has reportedly said, “We fight enemies. We regard the Army as our first family. There we are Army jawans, but here at home we are fighting for our own existence, to prove Indian citizenship! We are deeply disheartened after the release of the final list of NRC..”
Similarly, the CISF jawan Mizanur Ali from the same village also expressed his despair over the NRC process. “At the time of verification, they said that I am an intruder and came from Bangladesh in 2003. How is this possible? The district superintendent of police has verified my candidature when I joined the CISF.” The same is the case of jawan Azit Ali. His name was repeatedly missing in the first and second list and it did not appear in the final list too. Talking about his family, he said that everyone at home is both tense and worried.”After the final list, my father cried. My family is not speaking, but are thinking why have they been almost declared foreigners. What should they do? Shall we fight enemies on borders or solve this issue back at home,” he said.

Though the jawans are the pride of the village, now they will have to undergo the humiliating process of approaching the Foreigners Tribunals for ratification and correction of this ‘mistake.’.

Earlier this year, there was a nationwide uproar when Mohammad Sanaullah, who served in the Army and fought in the Kargil war — and even received a medal and letter of appreciation from none other than the then President of India for his service to the nation– was not only declared ‘foreigner’ on March 27, 2019 by the Boko FT, but sent to a detention camp! The questionable action was based on a minor confusion about his age. He was finally given bail by the Guwahati high court but the bail order too contained several questionable requirements. The bail order may be read here.
Not only that, Muzibur Rahman, the BSF officer, posted in Punjab, and his wife were declared foreigners by the Jorhat Foreigners’ Tribunal in December last year but the family was informed about this only last month (July 2019) , they claimed. The decision was reportedly taken ex-parte, which means that neither the officer nor his lawyer were heard by the tribunal before the decision was taken. The couple now faces arrest and possible incarceration in a detention camp.
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