NAPM expresses solidarity with JNU

In a statement, it condemns the inaction and abetment of the Delhi police and the government in helping facilitate the violence at JNU

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The National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) has condemned the unprecedented violence unleashed by masked goons at the JNU campus specifically targeting student union activists, students active in anti-fee hike agitations, the faculty members supporting them and some Kashmiri and Dalit students.

In a statement, the NAPM writes, “The attack has left more than 20 students and faculty members with grievous injuries, fractures and cuts, including a severe head injury to JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh, Prof Sucharita Sen and others. In a well-guarded university, the complete breakdown of law and order, deliberate switching off of the street lights, lockdown of the main entrance, stopping of ambulances and any help from entering the campus, point towards the complicity of the JNU administration and the police authorities as well, who played along with the right wing protestors at the main gate, in events following the attack late in the night.”

The NAPM further said, “This attack is in line with the continued attack of the Universities of the right wing and Hindutva forces and sustained propaganda often aided by mainstream news channels who have tried to portray Universities as a hotbed of anti-national and naxal politics. This is nothing but the political vendetta because the Universities across the country have consistently opposed the neo-liberal, anti-people and fascist policies of the NDA government. These attacks are a desperate attempt by the BJP to deflect attention from the continued protests against the CAA and other policies and a move to impact the Delhi elections sensing defeat. The heartening fact is that the resistance is only growing and peoples movements of this country are not going to cede to the terror and violence unleashed by the State and right-wing forces.”

Stating that the chronology of events that unfolded on the evening of January 5 were indicative of a shameful episode for the Delhi Police as well as who gave safe passage to the masked goons to carry out their violent attacks, it said that the inaction of the police in defending the rights of the citizens to protest peacefully and the their highhandedness had become a regular occurrence; evident in anti-CAA protests in Jamia and JNU protests.

JNU had been gripped in protests after the proposed fee-hike by the Inter Hall Administration which was set to leave many students from marginalized communities devoid of education. The Delhi Police had earlier unleashed its terror on the students of JNU, but the students did not budge from their ask, still going strong with their strike and making the decision to boycott the semester examinations to be held at the start of the New Year.

It was then, the NAPM writes that, the ABVP goons were sent to break the strike of the JNU students on January 4 where they attacked the students and pelted stones at them. Following this, the Teachers’ Association had called for a peace meeting on January 5 and this was when a group of around 50 masked goons unleashed indiscriminate violence on students and teachers alike.

NAPM reports that the goons not only hurt the students and teachers, but also did not spare dhaba workers; abusing everyone and issuing death threats. ‘Cyclops’ Security which is has been contracted for security work at JNU also was party to the incident. 

NAPM said that keeping the evidence that had come to light, it was forced to conclude that the police and the administration were complicit in facilitating the attack and abetting the right-wing in carrying it out.

The NAPM demands that –

1. JNU Registrar Pramod Kumar and the Vice Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar take moral responsibility for their failure to guarantee the safety of their students and faculty and resign immediately.

2. We also demand that independent judicial enquiry is conducted to ascertain the people behind this dastardly act and due punishment is given to them.

3. Prompt medical aid and assistance and security is provided to those injured.

4. Strict action be taken against the police officials who have engaged in the manhandling of the senior activists at the JNU gate in the aftermath of the violence and failed to ensure peace and security.

5. Lastly, given complete breakdown of the law and order in Delhi, continued violence in and around Delhi, Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik and Home Minister Amit Shah must resign for their failure in protecting rights of the people.

NAPM also states that it stands by the struggle of the JNUSU in demanding the rollback of the fee hike and feel heartened by the unprecedented support and solidarity which has poured in from various campuses and corners of the country.

The entire statement by the NAPM may be read here.


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