Nature’s fury spares none: Both animals and humans continue to suffer in Assam-Bihar floods

The heavy rains this monsoon have cost dear in several places in India. After the deluge in Mumbai it is Bihar and Assam now. The death toll has reached 97 in both the states. Meghalaya, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh have not been spared wither. Lakhs of people have been affected by these floods that have rendered them homeless.

The rivers Brahmaputra and Jinjiram are overflowing while roads, bridges, houses have all been destroyed by the torrential rains. The wild life parks in Assam have also been badly affected and the animals have moved towards highlands.

The wildlife trust has rescued many animals from drowning. A tiger found it’s way to a house and nestled on the bed where it is seen resting after being tranquilized by the vet of the Wildlife trust. Their tweet has caught everyone’s attention and is doing rounds on the social media.

The administrations in these states have sent rescue boats and provided relief camps for the people where they are being provided medical help and other requirements.

However there is still much that needs to be done but according to many people on the social media the situation of Assam and Bihar especially has not been given its due attention.

Many people have tweeted and posted messages on the social media expressing sympathy and pain at the plight of the people but few have come forward to help; while many have been asking why is there no help to Assam? When Kerala was flooded Assam had provided relief fund.

Sprinter Hima Das, who hails from Dhing town in Assam state has appealed for help from corporates and also for funds from the CM relief fund.

Hindi film actor Akshay kumar has donated 2 crores for both the kaziranga park and the people of Assam, while other actors have shared their grief and urged their fans to support the refugees.

Popular front of India cadres have personally gone to the people to reach out and distribute food and water.

Here are a few places where you can donate for both Assam and Bihar:

1. Uday foundation in New Delhi

2. Goonj Foundation, Delhi

3. For those living out of India : Global giving foundation:

4. Chief Minister’s relief fund for respective states.

You can make online donation from credit and debit card networks like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and RuPay or Net Banking (50+ Options), Payment Wallet, UPI or NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.

And those living in Delhi can even donate clothes, utensils, toiletaries, medicines and other things.

Courtesy: Two Circle



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