Nearly 100 per cent Blind say Docs, Babu Bajrangi, Pushes for Permanent Bail in Gujarat HC

Babu Bajrangi, the terror behind the 2002 genocidal carnage, already granted temporary parole (bail) eight times since his conviction for conspiracy and murder on August 29, 2012 is pushing to be granted permanent bail from the Gujarat High Court tomorrow. The appeal in the case is being heard before the Gujarat High Court. 32 persons were convicted to life imprisonment in a historic verdict given by Judge Jyotsana Yagnik. Justices Harsha Devani and Arvind Supehia

Babu bajrangi

A Jail Doctor and Medical Board, was asked by the Court to assess his medical condition and reportedly they have told the court today that his condition merited he be granted bail as he is nearly 100 per cent blind.
The Gujarat High Court has, since his conviction by a special court in 2012, given him parole at least eight times which has meant that he has spent close to 140 days out of prison. Maya Kodnani, a former MLA and Minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet, also convicted was granted bail last year. She was found guilty of distributing swords and inciting the crowd to attack innocent Muslims, post-Godhra train burning.
Babu Bajrangi, has been sentenced to life in prison in this 2002 Gujarat massacre case. Naroda Patiya was the seat of the worst massacre among 300 other incidents all over the state. [While the charge sheet states that 94 people were slaughtered, survivors have claimed that the number is 124]
The former Bajrang Dal leader has spent more than 140 days out on bail since his conviction in 2012; he has been granted bail for reasons ranging from a niece's wedding to medical grounds. The Bajrang Dal is an organisation affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS, the BJP's ideological mentor.

Bajrangi has been lodged at Sabarmati Central Jail in Ahmedabad. He was convicted by a special fast track court in 2012 for his role in the post-Godhra violence at Naroda Patiya here in 2002, and sentenced to life imprisonment till death. His shocking extra judicial confession to the Tehelka magazine was revelatory as it exposed not only his role but the brazen complicity between the state government, police, and public prosecutors in allowing the anti-Muslim genocidal pogrom to be ‘successful.’
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