Nearly 400 Scientists ‘Deeply Disappointed’ With JNU VC

Nearly 400 scientists and academics, including many eminent ones from the leading institutions in the country, address a joint letter to Jagadesh Kumar, the vice-chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University. Here below is the full text and list of signatories

Dear Prof. Jagadesh Kumar,

We are writing, as a group of academics, to express our deep disappointment with your actions in the events leading up to the arrest and detention of several students last week.

We understand that last Tuesday, a student group organised a rally to commemorate the death anniversary of Afzal Guru. The police alleges that some of the students voiced controversial opinions. The police then proceeded to arrest the president of the JNU Students Union, Kanhaiya Kumar, and charged him with sedition. This has been followed by a number of further detentions. What is most disturbing is that the JNU administration appears to have defended and aided these repressive actions by the police, rather than defending the students who were involved in a non-violent activity.

The arrest of the president of the JNUSU is especially troublesome since he was not even an organiser of the rally but merely present to express his solidarity. However, even as far the organisers and the speakers at the event are concerned, we hope that you recognise that expressing controversial views in a peaceful forum cannot be equated with sedition. For example, many people believe that Afzal Guru was let down by a lack of appropriate legal representation in his trial, and that his execution was therefore a grave miscarriage of justice. One may agree or disagree with this viewpoint — and, indeed, signatories to this letter hold different positions —  but we are unanimous that students should have the right to freely discuss this issue. This is such a basic pillar of academic ethics that we were dismayed by the statement made by the registrar of JNU, Mr. Bupinder Zutshi, who reportedly said, “The government of India hanged him [Afzal Guru] after declaring him a terrorist. How could we allow them to organise an anti-Indian programme?” This indicates a complete lack of appreciation of the concept of academic freedom.

India is a vast country, and no one group can define what it means to be “nationalist” or “anti-national” is, in specific terms of positions to hold and causes to support. The country’s fabric is strong enough to accommodate a plurality of views. It is the attempt to suppress differing viewpoints that is genuinely damaging for the country’s democratic ethos. Further, we believe that creativity in all branches of knowledge – surely in the interest of our nation – finds highest expression in a milieu that does not put constraints on the freedom of thought.

It is ironic that this attempt to suppress dissent occurred at one of the country’s leading Universities. A University is a site where contesting ideas are explored and where students should be able to freely debate and discuss various views, including controversial ones, without the threat of state action.

Senior members of the government have aggressively targeted your students. The JNU administration should have protected its students against these attacks and charges that have also vitiated the police investigation. We are deeply disappointed that you have failed to carry out this responsibility.

We hope that you will take urgent corrective steps to ensure that the police releases the arrested students, and also to ensure that it drops the unsubstantiated charges against them. We also hope that, in the future, you will take steps to protect freedom of speech on the JNU campus.

The individuals listed here have signed this letter in their personal capacity. Institutional affiliations are listed for purposes of identification, and this letter does not indicate the official positions of these organisations. Names are arranged in alphabetical order.

1Aanayat BhatIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
2Abhijith M SIIT Hyderabadstudent
3Abhik JashSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
4Abhishek AtreyaPhysical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabadresearcher
5Abhishek DharInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciencesfaculty
6Abu AnandIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
7Adhip AgarwalaIndian Institute of Scienceresearcher
8Adway MitraIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
9Ajin K PrakashAlpha College of Engineeringstudent
10Ajit M. SrivastavaInstitute of Physics, Bhubaneswarfaculty
11Alok LaddhaChennai Mathematical Institute, Chennaifaculty
12Alok TiwariIndian Institute of Scienceresearcher
13Alokmay DattaSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsfaculty
14Amar SapraIndian Institute of Management Bangalorefaculty
15Amit ApteInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciencesfaculty
16Amit BasoleAzim Premji University and UMass-Bostonfaculty
17Amit GuptaIndian Institute of Management, Bangaloreresearcher
18Amit SinghNational Centre of Biological Sciences, TIFR, Bangalorestudent
19Amitabh BhattacharyaIndian Institute of Technology, Bombayfaculty
20Amitabh JoshiJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Researchfaculty
21Amitabha BandyopadhyayIndian Institute of Technology Kanpurfaculty
22Amrita lahaWildlife Institute of Indiaresearcher
23Anand INational Institute of Technology Tiruchirapalliresearcher
24Anand SasidharanIndian Institute of Management, Bangalorestudent
25Ananth KamathIndian Institute of Sciencestudent
26Ananthu JamesJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scietific Researchresearcher
27Ananyo MaitraLPTMS, Franceresearcher
28Angelie MultaniIndian Institute of Technology Delhifaculty
29Anilkumar KVDemocratic Alliance for Knowledge FreedomMember
30Anindita BeraUniversity of Calcutta and Harish Chandra Research Institutestudent
31Anindita Bidisha ChatterjeeWildlife Institute of India,Dehradunresearcher
32Anindita BrahmaIndian Institute of Scienceresearcher
33Anindita MitraUniversity of Calcuttafaculty
34Anindya BanerjiJadavpur University, Kolkatastudent
35Anindya BhattacharyaUniversity of Yorkfaculty
36Anirban MukhopadhyayInstitute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennaifaculty
37Anu KrishnaIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
38AnubhaIndian Institute of Management, Bangalorefaculty
39Anupama MahajanNational Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalorestudent
40Anupama PotluriUniversity of Hyderabad, Hyderabadfaculty
41Anupriya ChatterjeeUniversity of Calcuttafaculty
42Anwesa BhattacharyaIndian Institute of Scienceresearch associate
43Apoorva NagarIndian Institute of Space Science & Technology, Trivandrumfaculty
44Archisman GhoshInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciences of TIFRresearcher
45Arijit BishnuIndian Statistical Institute, Kolkatafaculty
46Arijit ChatterjeeSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
47Aritra BandyopadhyaySaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
48Arnab KunduSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsfaculty
49Arnab Rai ChoudhuriIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorefaculty
50Arpan BhattacharyyaSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
51Arpan MaitiSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
52Ashim RoySaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
53Ashok KrishnanIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
54Ashoke SenHarish-Chandra Research Institutefaculty
55Ashvin VishwanathUniversity of California, Berkeleyfaculty
56Asit K. DeSINP Kolkata 
58Atish DabholkarInternational Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italyfaculty
59Atul ChokshiIndian Institute of Sciencefaculty
60Aurnab GhoseIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Punefaculty
61Avishek DasIndian Institute of Scienceresearcher
62B AnanthanarayanIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorefaculty
63B.NIKHITHIndian Institute of Technology, Hyderabadstudent
64Bhabani DebUniversity of Calcuttafaculty
65Bhanu Pratap DasTokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japanfaculty
66Bharathi RajeswaranIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
67Bhargav kumarIIT Hyderabadresearcher
68Bhavtosh BansalIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkatafaculty
69Bidisa DasIndian Association for the Cultivation of Sciencescientist
70Bijoy John MathewIndian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuramstudent
71Bikram PhookunSt Stephen’s College, Delhifaculty
72Biman NathRaman Research Institutefaculty
73Bindusar SahooIndian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuramfaculty
74Binu K SasiInternational Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Trieste, Italyresearcher
75Bipin C MWildlife Institute of Indiaresearcher
76Birenjith P SIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
77Biswajit BanerjeeSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
78Bittu KarthikUniversity of Hyderabadfaculty
79Carol UpadhyaNational Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalorefaculty
80Chandan SamantaIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
81Chandana AnushaYale Universitystudent
82Chandra Kant MishraInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciencesresearcher
83Chandrashekar C MThe Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennaifaculty
84Chandrashekar K AThe Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennairesearcher
85Chetan Singh SolankiIndian Institute of Technology, Bombayfaculty
86Collins AssisiIndian Institute of Science Education and Research, Punefaculty
87D C V MallikIndian Institute of Astrophysicsfaculty
88D ParthasarathyIndian Institute of Technology, Bombayfaculty
89D.P.Sen GuptaNational Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore 
90Daigy VargheseIIT Hyderabadstudent
91Dattaraj DhuriTata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbairesearcher
92Deb Sankar BanerjeeRaman Research Institutestudent
93Debabrata PhukonTezpur Universityresearcher
94Debaditya BhattacharyaUniversity of Calcuttafaculty
95Debadrita GhoshRaman Research Institutestudent
96Debarghya BanerjeeLeiden University, The Netherlandsresearcher
97Debasis SenguptaIndian Institute of Sciencefaculty
98Debraj ChakrabartiCentral Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI, USAfaculty
99Deepa AgasheNational Centre for Biological Sciencesfaculty
100Deepak DSouzaIndian Institute of Science Bangalorefaculty
101Deepak MalghanIndian Institute of Management Bangalorefaculty
102Deya DasIndian Institute of scienceresearcher
103Dileep JatkarHarish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabadfaculty
104Dinesh MohanIIT Delhifaculty
105DipankarTREELabs, Mumbaifaculty
106Diptarup nandiIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
107Durga Bhavani SUniversity of Hyderabadfaculty
108E. ArunanIndian Institute of Sciencefaculty
109Farhana IbrahimIIT, Delhifaculty
110Feroz MusthafaCentre for Cellular and Molcular Platformsother
111G VijayUniversity of Hyderabadfaculty
112Gaiti HasanNational Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalorefaculty
113Garga ChatterjeeIndian Statistical Institute, Kolkatafaculty
114Gaurav MendirattaIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
115Gautam GanapathyIndian Institute of Technology, Bombayresearcher
116Geeta MahashabdeAll India Peoples Science Network 
117Geetam tiwariIndian Institute of Technology Delhifaculty
118Gitanjali YadavNational Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhifaculty
119Govindarajan T RChennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai 
120Gyan BhanotRutgers University, USAfaculty
121Haris UzhunnanChrist University, Bangaloreresearcher
122Harjinder SinghIndian Institute of Information Technologyfaculty
123Himadri Shekhar DharHarish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabadresearcher
124Hema SwaminathanIndian Institute of Management, Bangalorefaculty
125Hemant BelsareIIT Bombayresearcher
126Husna JanIndian Institute of Science Education and Research, Trivandrumstudent
127Indrajit TahTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciencesresearcher
128Ishani SinhaCentre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangaloreresearcher
129Jayant MurthyIndian Institute of Astrophysicsfaculty
130Jenny STata Institute of Social Sciencesresearcher
131Jean DrezeRanchi Universityfaculty
132Jishnu SadasivanIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
133Jishy VargheseIndian Institute of Science, Education and Research,Thiruvananthapuramfaculty
134Joby JosephUniversity of Hyderabadfaculty
135Joseph SamuelRaman Research Institutefaculty
136Jyoti DalalJNCASR, Bangaloreresearcher
137Jyotsna JhaCenter for Budget and Policy Studiesdirector
138Kabir HusainNational Centre for Biological Sciences, TIFR, Bangalorestudent
139Kajari GuptaIISER Puneresearcher
140Kallol PaulTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciencesresearcher
141Kannan U.MIndian Institute of Technology, Hyderabadresearcher
142Karan N. KhiradeIndian Institute of Technology, Hyderabadresearcher
143Kaushik BhattacharyaIndian Institute of Technology, Kanpurfaculty
144Kazi Rafsanjani AminIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
145Kesavan SubburamTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciencesresearcher
146Koel DasIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkatafaculty
147Koushik DuttaSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsfaculty
148Krishna HanumanthuChennai Mathematical Institutefaculty
149Krishna MaddalyThe Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennaifaculty
150Kritika AgarwalGovernment Law Collegestudent
151Kunal JoshiAshoka Universityfaculty
152Kuntal GhoshIndian Statistical Institutefaculty
153Kunal SenguptaUniversity of Sydneyfaculty
154M. V. RamanaPrinceton Universityfaculty
155M. VijayabaskarMadras Institute of Development Studies, chennaifaculty
156Madan RaoRaman Research Institutefaculty
157Madhukar SRaman Research Institute, Bangalorestudent
158Madhusudan RoySaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsfaculty
159Madhusudhan RamanInstitute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennairesearcher
160Madhusudhan VenkadesanYale Universityfaculty
161Maitreyee Saha SarkarSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsfaculty
162Malancha TaIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) KolkataFaculty
163Manjari GuptaIndian Institute of Scienceresearcher
164Manjari RoyWildlife Institute of Indiaresearcher
165Manoj GopalkrishnanTata Institute of Fundamental Researchfaculty
166Manoj KumminiChennai Mathematical Institutefaculty
167Manoj PuravankaraTata Institute of Fundamental Researchfaculty
168Manuj MukherjeeIndian Institute of Sciencestudent
169Mihir PandeyRamjas College (University of Delhi)faculty
170Mithun Kumar MitraIndian Institute of Technology, Bombayfaculty
171Monisha BhattacharyaNational Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Researchresearcher
172Mrinmoy MukherjeeTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciencesresearcher
173MrunaliniIIT Hyderabadresearcher
174Mugdha SarkarSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
175Myna VIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
176N G PrasadIndian Institute of Science Education and Resarch Mohalifaculty
177N Purendra PrasadUniversity of Hyderabad, Hyderabadfaculty
178N. RaghavendraHarish-Chandra Research Institutefaculty
179Nairit SurTata Institute of Fundamental Researchresearcher
180Nairita PalIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
181Nandu GopanJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Researchresearcher
182Naosad AlamSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
183Narayanan MenonTIFR, Hyderabadfaculty
184Naresh DadhichIUCAA, Punefaculty
185Naveen GaurDayal Singh College (University of Delhi)faculty
186Naveen SurendranIndian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiru’puramfaculty
187NC NarayananIndian Institute of Technology, Bombayfaculty
188Neenu SureshNational Law School of India Universityresearcher
189Nihav DhawaleNational Center for Biological Sciences and Yale Universitystudent
190Nilanjan SenUniversity of Calcuttafaculty
191Nirmalendu AcharyyaUniversite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgiumresearcher
192Niruj RamanujamNational Centre for Radio Astrophysics, PuneScientific Officer
193Nishaan PonnuruHomi Bhabha Centre for Science Educationresearcher
194Nitin RaiAshoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environmentfaculty
195Oindrila DebIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
196Om DamaniIndian Institute of Technology Bombayfaculty
197P Karuna KumariIIT Hyderabadresearcher
198P.K Abdul RahimanUniversity of Madras, Chennaifaculty
199Palash Baran PalSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsfaculty
200Papi ReddyIndian Institute of Management, Bangaloreresearcher
201pappu acharyaTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciencesstudent
202Parasar MohantyIndian Institute of Technology Kanpurfaculty
203Parswa NathTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciencesjunior research fellow
204Partho Sarothi RayIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkatafaculty
205Pinaki ChaudhuriThe Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennaifaculty
206Pooja PrasadIndian Institute of Technology Bombaystudent
207Prabaha GangopadhyayIndian Institute of Sciencestudent
208Prabhu R NottIndian Institute of Sciencefaculty
209Prajval ShastriIndian Institute of Astrophysicsfaculty
210Prajwel JosephBishop Cotton W. C. C. Bangalorefaculty
211Prokash Kumar KunduIndian Institute of Sciencestudent
212Prasanta CharSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
213Prathik CJThe Institute of Mathematical Sciencesstudent
214Prathyusha K. R.Universtiy of Dundee, United Kingdomresearcher
215Pratik MajumdarSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsfaculty
216Pravabati ChingangbamIndian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalorefaculty
217Praveen SIndian Institute of Management, Bangalorestudent
218Preethi MeherIndira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research Kalpakkamresearcher
219Preeti KharbIndian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalorefaculty
220Pritha ChandraIndian Institute of Technology Delhifaculty
221Priya MahadevanS.N.Bose Centre, Kolkatafaculty
222PriyankaJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scietific Researchresearcher
223Probal DasguptaIndian Statistical Institute, Kolkatafaculty
224Procheta MallikInnovation and Science Promotion Foundationresearcher
225Proteep MallikAzim Premji Universityfaculty
226R Jayasimha ReddyIIT Hyderabadstudent
228Rafael SorkinRaman Research Instituteadjunt faculty
229Raghunath JIndian Institute of Sciencestudent
230Rahul DeAzim Premji Universityfaculty
231Rahul De’Indian Institute of Management Bangalorefaculty
232Rahul G RIndian Institute of Sciencestudent
233Rahul MenonSt Xavier’s College, Mumbaifaculty
234Rahul PandeyIndian Institute of Management, Lucknowvisiting faculty
235Rahul SiddharthanThe Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennaifaculty
236Rahul SinghIndian Institute of Management Bangalorestudent
237Rahul VarmanIIT Kanpurfaculty
238Raj Kumar MannaIIT Madrasresearcher
239Rajani RamanSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
240Rajdeep SensarmaTIFR Mumbaifaculty
241Rajesh GopakumarInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciencesfaculty
242Raktim AbirAligarh Muslim Universityfaculty
243Ramray BhatIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorefaculty
244Ranjini BandyopadhyayRaman Research Institutefaculty
245Ranjith KallyaniIIT Bombayresearcher
246Ravi KunjwalThe Institute of Mathematical Sciencesresearcher
247Ravi SankannavarIndian Institute of Technology Bombayresearcher
248Ravinder K BanyalIndian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangaloreresearcher
249Reetika KheraIIT Delhifaculty
250Resmi LekshmiIndian Institute of Space Science & Technology, Trivandrumfaculty
251Reuben George StephenNational University of Singaporestudent
252Rituparno MandalIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
253Rolla DasNational Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangaloreresearcher
254Ron SunnyIISER-Puneresearcher
255S. AkshayIndian Institute of Technology Bombayfaculty
256S. M. BhattacharjeeInstitute of Physics, Bhubaneswarfaculty
257S.B.BalajiIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
258S. P. Venkata SubbaiahIIT HyderabadScholar
259S. SundarChennai Mathematical Institutefaculty
260Sabhyasachi ChatterjeeAll India Peoples Science Networkpresident
261Sachin MDyal Singh Collegefaculty
262Sachindeo VaidyaIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorefaculty
263Safiul Alam MollickInstitute of Physics, Bhubaneswarresearcher
264Saientan BagIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
265Saikat GhoshIndian Institute of Technology, Kanpurfaculty
266Sajad Ahmad BhatSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
267Sajad AliSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
268Saman HabibCentral Drug Research Institute, Lucknowscientist
269Sambo SarkarIIT HYDERABADstudent
270Samriddhi Sankar RayInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciencesfaculty
271Sandeep KrishnaNational Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Researchfaculty
272Sandesh Sanjay GadePES Institute of Technology – Bangalore South Campusresearcher
273Sandip Varkey GeorgeIndian Institute of Science Education and Research, Punestudent
274Sanjib SabhapanditRaman Research Institutefaculty
275Sanjit ChatterjeeIISc 
276Sankar BasuLinkoping University, Swedenresearcher
277Santanu DasRaman Research Institute, Bangalorestudent
278Saswati GangulyHHU, Germanyresearcher
279Saswati SenguptaMiranda House, University of Delhifaculty
280Satyajit ChowdhurySaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
281Satyaki MazumderIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkatafaculty
282Saumia P SThe Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennairesearcher
283Saurav IslamIndian Institute of Sciencestudent
284Saurish ChakrabartyInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciencesresearcher
285Savitha Suresh BabuNational Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalorestudent
286Sayantani BhattacharyyaIndian Institute of Technology, Kanpurfaculty
287Shaik Faruk AzamUniversity of Tokyostudent
288Shan SIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
289Shanthi S.K.India Development Foundation, Gurgaonfaculty
290Sharad LeleAshoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environmentfaculty
291Sharath AnanthamurthyBangalore Universityfaculty
292Sharmila PurkayasthaMiranda House, University of Delhifaculty
293Shikha BishtWildlife Institute of Indiaresearcher
294Shiraz MinwallaTata Institute of Fundamental Researchfaculty
295Shiva ShankarChennai Mathematical Institutefaculty
296Shivali TukdeoNational Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalorefaculty
297Shobha MadanIIT Kanpurfaculty
298Shubha TewariTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciencesfaculty
299Shweta DalalIndian Institute of Technology, Hyderabadstudent
300Siddharth K JIndian Institute of Management Bangalorestudent
301Siddhartha ChaudhuriIndian Institute of Technology Bombayfaculty
302Sirisha NaiduWright Staet University, Dayton, Ohiofaculty
303Sitabhra SinhaThe Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennaifaculty
304Sk Abdul faruqueSaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
305Sk Raj HosseinRaman Research Institute, Bangalorestudent
306Sk SazimInstitute of Physics, Bhubaneswarresearcher
307S.K.VenkatesanTNQ Books and Journals Pvt. Ltd.chief scientist
308Smarajit KarmakarTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Hyderabadfaculty
309Snehanshu SahaPES Universityfaculty
310Soling ZimikIndian Institute of Scienceresearcher
311Somyadip ThakurTIFRresearcher
312Soumitro BanerjeeIISER Kolkatafaculty
313Soundarya IyerNational Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalorestudent
314Sourav Kumar DeySaha Institute of Nuclear Physicsresearcher
315Souvik MandalIndian Institute of Sciencestudent
316Spenta WadiaInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciences of TIFRfaculty
317Sreejani Sen MajumderIndian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkatastudent
318Sreekrishna Varma RajaNational Centre for Biological Sciencesstudent
319Sridhar NarayananThe Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennairesearcher
320Srikanth SastryJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Researchfaculty
321Sruthi C KJNCASR,Bangalorestudent
322Subhabrata MajumdarTata Institute of Fundamental Researchresearcher
323Subhadip GhoshInstitute Of Physics, Bhubaneswarresearcher
324Subham RathIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
325Subhankar ChakrabortyAll India People’s Science Networkresearcher
326Subhashis BanerjeeIIT Delhifaculty
327Subhojoy GuptaIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorefaculty
328Subhradeep MistryIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
329Subhro BhattacharjeeInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciencesfaculty
330Subramanya HegdeIISER Thiruvananthapuramstudent
331Subroto MukerjeeIndian Institute of Sciencefaculty
332Suchetana GoswamiS. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkatastudent
333Sudakshina GhoshUniversity of Calcuttafaculty
334Sudip BanerjeeWildlife Institute of Indiaresearcher
335Sudipto MuhuriDepartment of Physics, Savitribai Phule Pune Universityfaculty
336Suheel MohammadIndian Institute of Technology, Hyderabadstudent
337Suhita NadkarniIndian Institute of Science Education and Researchfaculty
338Sujay BasuJadavpur University(Retd) Faculty
339Sujay K AshokInstitute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennaifaculty
340Sujith K. S.IISER Thiruvananthapuramstudent
341Sumathi RaoHarish-Chandra Research Institutefaculty
342Sumati SuryaRaman Research Institutefaculty
343Sumilan BanerjeeWeizmann Institute of Science, Israelresearcher
344Sumit HaldarIndian Institute of Science,Bangaloreresearcher
345Sumit KumarInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciences, TIFRresearcher
346Sumit R. DasUniversity of Kentucky, USAfaculty
347Sumithra SankaranIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
348Sundar SChennai mathematical institutefaculty
349Sundar SarukkaiManipal Universityfaculty
350Sunil BharadwajJNCASR, Bangalorestudent
351Supratik ChakrabortyIndian Institute of Technology, Bombayfaculty
352Supratim SenguptaIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkatafaculty
353Surajit SenguptaTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciencesfaculty
354Suresh GovindarajanIndian Institute of Technology, Madrasfaculty
355Sushma MallikIndian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalorefaculty
356Sutirth DeyIISER-Punefaculty
357Sutirtha DuttaWildlife Institute of Indiaresearcher
358Suvrat RajuInternational Centre for Theoretical Sciencesfaculty
359Swagato SanyalTata Institute of Fundamental Researchstudent
360T. V. H. PrathameshInstitute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennairesearcher
361Tarun Deep SainiIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorefaculty
362Trilochan SastryIndian Institute of Management, Bangalorefaculty
363Triparno BandyopadhyayUniversity of Calcuttaresearcher
364Tulasi Ram ReddyIndian Institute of Science, Bangaloreresearcher
365Vaibhhav SinhaNational Centre for Biological Sciencesstudent
366Vaisakh VIndian Institute of Scienceresearcher
367Varuni PrabhakarInstitute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennairesearcher
368Venu Madhav GovinduIndian Institute of Sciencefaculty
369Vijay RavikumarChennai Mathematical Instituteresearcher
370Vijayakumar SolaiselvamIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorestudent
371Vikram VyasSt. Stephen’s College, Delhi Universityfaculty
372Vinod JohnIndian Institute of Science, Bangalorefaculty
373Vipul VivekTata Institute of Social Sciencesstudent
374Vishaka Datta SNational Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalorestudent
375Vishwesha GuttalIndian Institute of Sciencefaculty
376Vivek MonteiroAll India Peoples Science Network 
377VVNS PradeepIIT Hyderabadresearcher
378Yogeshwar PrasadIndian Institute of Scienceresearcher
379Zaheer Ahmed Sayeedneurologist in Practisefaculty




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