Nearly one lakh school dropouts in Meghalaya in 4 years

Nearly one lakh students have dropped out of schools in Meghalaya in the past four years, the Meghalaya government informed the state assembly today.

Economic condition of the family, domestic sibling care and migration were some of the causes of the high drop- out rates in the state.

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The main causes of dropouts are the economic condition of the parents, lack of success due to small habitation, poor teaching, domestic and sibling care and migration, Education and Literacy Minister Deborah C Marak told the Assembly.

She said the number of dropouts in 2013-14 was 33,557.

In 2014-15 it was 31,276 while the following year the number went down to 14,957 and last year it was 17,299.


The Minister said the government has set up special training centres to bring them back to school and efforts are on to wean them back through various programs and initiatives.


One of the programmes initiated was the effort to try and improve the quality of teachers education and also introducing a flexible timing of the training centres to cater to those children who cannot attend school during the day time, Marak said.

She also said that the training modules were translated into local languages for better teaching and learning in lower primary section even as free textbooks, midday meal and teaching and learning methods were provided free of cost.

Marak also informed that West Khasi Hills district registered 4508 number of children who dropped out of school followed by Jaintia Hills district having 1440 dropouts and Ri-bhoi district having 1041 dropouts.

Efforts are also being taken to create community awareness wherein the parents and the community as a whole are made aware of the importance of education for the future of every child, the Minister said.

Enrolment drives were also taken during celebration of world literacy day and transport and escort allowances were provided to children residing in the difficult coal mine areas, she said.



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